Sunday, March 25, 2012

You can have my hoodie when you pry it off of my cold dead body.

I wore a hoodie all winter, and no bigoted fuck ever shot at me. That I'm aware of. And I live in Gunville, population: BLAMMO!!!

I'd like to point out the obvious, as usual. It wasn't that long ago when a dead negro black boy shot down to death was just another saturday night of hijinks in the deep south. Look how far we've come!

Of one thing we can be sure: this is somehow the black president's fault.

I'm just assuming, then, for the sake of argument, that the tears of Yeshua ben Joseph are one of those renewable unlimited resources all the tree-hugging faggots are always whining about?


Schmutzie said...

Me too. All winter. My hoodie says Marvin Windows on the left breast, so maybe that kept me safe, or maybe it was the Carhart jacket I wore on top of it. DoJ is trying to establish Zimmerman's shooting as a hate crime. On its face, that would seem obvious, but JackD tells me it's so the feds can take over in the event that Florida fucks the thing up, which seems like a pretty safe bet.

switters said...

"uncle, why do you live out in the middle of nowhere and keep to yourself?"
"no reason." ["because of what wendell berry calls 'the news'."]

rundeep said...

I hate hate crimes. Seriously. It smacks of thought crime. Why isn't enough to just be murder?

Schmutzie said...

I'd think the murder itself would indicate a certain degree of hate, no? On the other hand, if that's what it takes to guarantee Zimmerman will be charged with something, so be it.

switters said...


if i may, from his bush/cheney as the dukes of hazard, from memory, recited with a heavy southern accent:

"can you believe these two draft dodgers sent men and women to die in the desert on a complete fuckin lie?!?!? there ain't no way they're gettin outta this bucket o'syrup!!!"*

*p.o. (punctuation my interpretation)

sometimes i truly believe the wrong people get to be alive.


Schmutzie said...

Speaking of PO and the wrong people getting to live...

@PattonOswalt- Still can't believe Dick Cheney got a new heart before Gallagher did.

@PattonOswalt-"Oh God LET ME OUT OF HERE!" -- the heart that was just sewed inside of Dick Cheney.

@PattonOswalt-They're throwing Cheney's old heart into a volcano, right?

Cindy said...

Now imagine yourself living in that state.

Yes, scary isn't it?

Yes, it is.