Friday, July 29, 2011


[7 weeks today. doing well, for the most part. stupid stupid stupid blogspot. rome, internal strife, army spread thin, religeous lunatics in charge... hmmm... watching sunrises and making tomato cages. still getting used to sobriety, but i kind of like it, most of the time. miss you guys horribly. also, spelling doesn't count, obviously. again.]

tropic thunder
mean girls
[forrest gump?]
the daily show: indecision 2004 special
the hangover
saturday night live weekend update

(included tds and snl on account of the geniouses seth meyers and rob corrdry, er, cordrry, cordry... or... right.)

more? i'd like quotes and the characters' names. and serenity more often than not.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Jerry Potter And The Deadly Jellos Part IXV: The Redemption Of Pliny The Elder Part I.IV, Love In The The Ruins Of Trinity Rising -- A Movie Review
-er, there's another one?! what, does the fonz water ski jump over a tank of sharks while setting a car on fire, exploding? seriously? WRAP IT UP!!!

28 Days Or So Later: An Essay Based On A True Story Based On Actual True Events That May Or May Not Have Actually Happened... At Some Point
"... you know, one of those hospital robe shirts that only comes to just below the navel..."

Letter To TOTGA: Has She Really GA?

Bridesmaids Revisited: Rise Of The Vomit -- A Movie Review

How Fox News Radio Is Not-So-Slowly Turning My Brain Into Gramma's Apple Sauce. Again

Essay: Why We Need More Yelling On NPR

Why My Worst Day Sober Is So Much Better Than My Best Day Drunk

The World Would Be A Gentler Place Were All The Roads Paved With Dirt Or Gravel

Blogging My Ohio Driver's License Written Testimonial
"... never under any circumstances use your turn signal; it will only confuse your fellow automotive operators as such..."

and so much more, god willing.