Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oops. Forgot.

I moved up here exactly 3 years ago.

Cat's doing great. But Dog is slowing down. A little. I'll be honest: A slower Moonpie, even if it's just a step or two, makes me anxious and sad.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Of Mice And Men

So the guy I do tractor business with stopped by last night because someone had abandoned a days-old kitten at his shop. He thought for some reason that I needed/wanted a kitten/cat. I don't. I don't like cats. Moonpie doesn't like cats. I said, "Absolutely not."

So now I have a days-old kitten in a little crate just off the east door with a small cup of water and a small plate of tuna. God help me it's not a bad looking cat, and Moonpie could certainly use some help with the field mice. If it survives, it'll be treated like a barn cat, a really well-treated barn cat.

Oh, and I was sober for 2 years yesterday. Today I'm sober for 2 years and 1 day. I was working on the mini-truck yesterday morning and kind of forgot.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vernal Cleaning

I'm still fighting depression and anxiety. Mostly anxiety. And sadness. The sadness seems healthier than it was 2 years ago, for obvious reasons. The anxiety is less severe, maybe even much much less severe. And the depression doesn't seem to be putting up much of a fight. I blame a lot of the angst on coffee.

Still, I do best when I focus on the small pictures -- shop floor, garage siding, glorious glorious mowing -- and try to... manage/turn down the volume on less small pictures -- what does it all mean?, death, etc.

In any case, Spring is a yearly miracle. Easily explained and accounted for by our planet earth's rotation around and its relative proximity to the sun. But miraculous nonetheless.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hell's Kitchen 2013

It's interesting and fun to watch the teams panic about a slightly overcooked pancake ("Too brown on that side!!!"), and then quickly switch to the scene from New World when the colonists are boiling and eating their own belts.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Some songs

"Are You Gonna Waste My Time", Zeus
For fans of Zeppelin B-Sides.

"Hot Knife", Fiona Apple

"Again and Again and Again (and Again)", The Bird and The Bee

"The Times They Are A-Changing", Joshua Redman (guess who on piano)

"River Man", Nick Drake
Might be worthwhile to check out also the cover of this by, well, you know.

"A Lady Does Not Often Falter", Cahalen Morrison and Eli West
These 2 hippie kids aren't just the future of bluegrass music; they're the future of authentic music.

"Is Your Love Big Enough (for What's to Come)", Lianne LaHavas
The best version of this song for me is still the live performance on Letterman, conveniently located on YouTube for those connected to the intranet.

"Anthropology", Mehldau/Rossy Trio
For me, the best tune Charlie Parker ever wrote. This is a great study in solving the rhythm changes problem, by a young Mehldau. On iTunes, look for it under the record title, When I Fall In Love

"Queen of California", John Mayer
Sorry, guys. But I love his voice. Always have. Guess I'm all gay again.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Attack of the Log Cabin Republican

My brother, Jess, has it in his head that I need to build a log cabin. There's an awesome log cabin kit manufacturer over near Millersberg/burg, which means the manufacturer is Amish. Really well-made stuff.

I don't know that I want a log cabin, at least not in this context/execution. He and Jane, his wife, are stopping by tomorrow, so I'm jotting down some notes. Jane will understand, because she always does, mostly.

1. Just because it's not what you would do doesn't mean it's not right.
2. I don't want to have to heat even just 900 square feet.
3. When it's nice out, even in the winter, I won't be inside.
4. I don't need a kitchen.
5. I don't need a bedroom.
6. I don't need a "bathroom".
7. You won't have to live here.
8. You don't have to help build it.
9. Maybe I would like to build it myself.
10. Maybe building it myself is a large part of the point (to whatever it is I think I'm doing [still don't know]).
11. You're not always right.
12. Again, I don't live like you do.
13. I kind of hate kits, no matter how high-end.
14. Again, for the 397th time, I don't need/want a kitchen.
15. You're not listening. (Whole other post.)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Freaks and Geeks

If any of you out there are Freaks and Geeks freaks like yours truly, the latest issue of Vanity Fair has an interesting though brief piece on the evolution of the show with a fun "you knew them when" look at its creators and stars.

My Bham friend Paula gave me a prescription of VF for Christmas. Good mag, great gift, appropriate prescription.

It was one of those shows that was so good and ahead of its time that of course it was cancelled after one season. (Available at The Netflix.) But you knew these folks were neither defeated nor finished.

For those of you not familiar with the show, let me hit you with some knowledge!

Judd Apatow
Linda Cardellini
Seth Rogan
Something Kasdan?
James Franco
Paul Feig
Busy Phillips
Jason Segal
Martin Starr

For those of you who don't recognize any of those names, never mind.