Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Of Mice And Men

So the guy I do tractor business with stopped by last night because someone had abandoned a days-old kitten at his shop. He thought for some reason that I needed/wanted a kitten/cat. I don't. I don't like cats. Moonpie doesn't like cats. I said, "Absolutely not."

So now I have a days-old kitten in a little crate just off the east door with a small cup of water and a small plate of tuna. God help me it's not a bad looking cat, and Moonpie could certainly use some help with the field mice. If it survives, it'll be treated like a barn cat, a really well-treated barn cat.

Oh, and I was sober for 2 years yesterday. Today I'm sober for 2 years and 1 day. I was working on the mini-truck yesterday morning and kind of forgot.