Monday, February 3, 2014

Venting, A Wood Stove

So, yeah, the starter on the '90 plow truck went out after I got it stuck down the lane. But it's not the starter. But that's okay, because it could only be about 584 other things which I don't understand. No biggie, because it's not like there's another blizzard coming through tomorrow night and Wednesday.

Power steering gone in the '89.

I don't know why I whine. I have more than I need, really. Moonpie and I will go into town first thing tomorrow and supply up (dog food, cat food, chocolate covered sugar bombs, etc.). The rest of the day she and I will cut wood -- a huge, huge walnut tree that blew down year before last along the east creek. A good stove in here, a good stove out in the tool shed. What more could anyone want?

(2 hours of Amish shunning on PBS tomorrow night is what.)

She's getting old. She'll only stay out there with me for about an hour, then she'll wander back to the homestead. Hopefully she'll have the courtesy to die when the ground isn't frozen.