Friday, January 29, 2010

When The World Continues Not To Make Sense

Good netizens of swittersville. Or something. A favor.

I've known Tia for almost 20 years. We met in college. She was my first love.

She and Tom were married in 2003, I think, in Maine. Beautiful ceremony and reception.

Soon thereafter they had a daughter, Sarah. They live in Montpelier, Vermont. Great town, great state. The Northeast Kingdom, they call it I believe.

Awhile ago they had another daughter, whom they named Jane. The birth had some complications, and Jane had to stay in the hospital, in and out of intensive care for the most part.

Jane fought hard, buttressed by the love of her parents and by the love for Tia and Tom.

Jane died yesterday afternoon, at the age of 6 months 6 days.

I wonder if, over the course of the next several days, you might hold Tia, Tom and Sarah close to your hearts and wish for them the ability to be strong for one another in perhaps the most fragile moment of their lives. You were there for me; by extension, could you be there for them?

There are no words. Whatever she needs.

(Hug your kids, call your mom.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010



(I've never owned a garage before. Hmmm...)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Emotional Pornography

I'll be interested to see just how bad it gets tonight. Oh, sure, George is completely respectable, and smart. I think he does these sorts of things from the heart; it's not just publicity or, for that matter, politics.

Disclosure: I've been a giant fan of his since his tiny role on Rosanne. ER, etc., whatever. Ocean's 11 may have been one big inside joke; the joke just happened to be very very funny. But so was Syrianna. Funny, not so much.

You all know obviously I'll watch every minute of the telethon, being a sucker for such extravaganzas. I like the music. Still, I can't help but wonder when oceans of hungry, thirsty black people will start to look like little more than the opening of V For Vendetta, and portend as much. Just spitballing.

Obama/Clooney 2012!

P.S. Closing date extension requested Thursday p.m. by Sandra The Realty Lady so the bank/mortgage company has sufficient time to remove thumb from bottom.