Monday, March 19, 2012

smash, episode 5-ish: The Bernadette Peters Workshop

she's one hundred and thirteen years old, guys. 1-1-3!
nick looks like my sponsor.
i worked on a workshop back in 1989, as, let's say, a "music editor". the show was "the prince of central park". it sucked so bad it closed after intermission. you're welcome.
speaking of divas, as part of my so-called music education, i was required to take a semester of choral conducting. the chorus was provided by the voice major department. so, me and about 19 voice majors, who traditionally think "sight singing" is a week in the hamptons. that semester i killed myself. 3 times.
113 years young, gang.
i used to know shaiman. he is 1. disgustingly talented; 2. disgustingly decent; and 3. a darn good piano player.
dang. seems like a lifetime ago.

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rundeep said...

OMG I love this show. Plus, sight-reading abilities are what kept me from becoming a good musician -- I could skate by winging it and thought "practice? Why?"
Thought of you today. One of the best parts of the job is working back in town again after years of suburban isolation. Today it was 70-something, and I took my yogurt to Rittenhouse Square, sat on the 19th street side, and listened to some kid practice Beethoven at Curtis. And listened to some singers warm up, either at AVA or Curtis. Piano player was probably some 8 year old I'd have to murder after cutting up the meat for him for lunch.
Megan Hilty is growing on me. Saw her in Wicked.