Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I give up.

I don't know. I guess I'm naive. But I wonder how presidential it would be for Mitt to say, "You know, Donald, you're an attention-whoring boob. The President was born in an American State, not Sri Lanka. So save your money and your support for someone who needs it. You're living proof that patriotism really is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Good day, sir. I said good day." Any minute now...

Maybe it's this: While Mitt was punching long-haired faggots in the head at prep school and Donald was banging hookers in Vegas coming down from a 9-day diet pill binge, Doc Watson was unwittingly putting Appalachian music on the music history map* where it belongs (somewhere in Appalachia**). I say unwittingly because Doc thought playing and listening to music could help you get through the tougher times in life.

I don't know. This probably won't get me many karma points, but it makes me sad that Doc is dead and Donald isn't.

But, again, I find music important in sublime ways that passeth understanding.***

*Actually, some would suggest (and by "some" I mean "me") that the reason Appalachian music is so compelling is because it's folk songs brought to The New World by Druids, Celts and Wodes (aka, Woads) married with ancient hymns brought to The New World by Goths and Teutons.

**There's a video of Robin And Linda Williams singing "Across The Blue Mountains" somewhere on the internets which, as usual, I can't find.

***An ongoing theme, I guess.


Penal-Colony said...

Speaking of copulation and hirsute appendages, they've traced Druid music back to the copulation of rabbits.

switters said...

That may go a long way in accounting for why I've been compelled to read Watership Down for the first time ever.

Schmutzie said...

Shannon Hoon?

switters said...

He's been on my mind a lot lately. We are the same age. But, were I to be presumptuous, I'd say it might be that I think I know exactly, exactly how he felt when he came out of a multi-day coke binge and saw the morning sun coming through the window and then wrote "Change". I'm not proud that I think I know, but it keeps me honest and accountable.

Also, I don't have his talent to write a nice song like that. Then I bought "Tones Of Home" and forgot how joyous a lot of his music was with Melon. And it made me frighteningly sad, so much so that I made myself wrestle with a beam all morning.

Schmutzie said...

A remarkable voice. One of my favorite lines is from that song; so I want to write my words on the face of today. Very nice. Terrible waste. He should still be making music.

Beam wrestling. Sounds like that finger is almost good as new.

switters said...

Alright, you asked for it.

1. I want to use the beams for studs, but there's no way I can wrestle the rest; the last one was the smallest. Have you ever cut a 7-9 inch diameter beam in half? I thought chain saw. But if I go slow, why couldn't I use my circular? Drop a chalk line, go slow, flip it, go again. And, there are 2 that already have "seams" pretty much right down the middle; not splits, but you know what I mean. And, the builders 100 years ago planed one side to flush with the subfloor, so there's a sort of square reference.
2. Dogs In The City is my new favorite show.
3. Big ole buck under the apple tree 10 minutes ago. That's about 10 yards from the garage. Moonpie is so used to them she only chases them about 20 yards and then turns back to look at me to make sure I saw her effort.
4. If you want to hear some really good guitar playing, listen to the podcast of today's Fresh Air.
5. Finger: still can play the guitar.

Schmutzie said...

Should work. Might want to cut a few wedges to jam in the slot behind you as you go. Outward pressure will make it easier on the blade and minimize the chances of sudden blade lock. (God I hate when that happens.) Imagine that old dodger up in Alaska doing it all with a hand saw. Dude was sick good.

Speaking of sick good- I just paused the Fresh Air podcast to say -they way I've been a sleepin' my back and shoulders' tired....let's play some country counterpoint son! (good lord, what a master)

switters said...

I listened to it at full volume while tinning the west side of the garage with reclaimed ductwork. Let that sink in: tin siding from duct work served with appalachian guitar geniuses. On NPR.

Penal-Colony said...

Ah, Anglo-Saxon rabbits. Big difference in copulation styles & techniques and the musics resulting therefrom.