Monday, May 21, 2012

Tenacious D Week: "Roadie" On Letterman

Dave doesn't really get it, but he knows something's there. And it might or might not be worthwhile to research the family-unfriendly version from the actual album.

Jack Black isn't a good singer. He's a great singer. He's also quite barely sane.

Tenacious D, for better or worse, is quickly becoming The Dan Band covering Spinal Tap, but completely devoid of anything resembling irony, were that ever to happen, which, now, can never happen, mercifully, making that particular problem "unsolvable".

(Sorry. Just finished William "Bill" Gibson's Neuromancer. I have no idea what just happened. In the book.)

Hi/Lo Fidelity All Stars


Schmutzie said...

I read somewhere that he was afraid to take the Barry part & that Cusack had to talk him into doing it. Barry Jive & The Uptown 5 aka Kathleen Turner Overdrive's "Let's Get It On" was excellent. Love that movie. Not normally a Cusack fan but his brooding presence was perfect for Rob. (Hi Rob, you fucking asshole!)and I loved Barry's line "I can't even believe I'm saying this but can I get back to work?"

By the way, you can still get an Official Tenacious D Cum Rag (Everything else is just a cum rag.) When Jack first started promoting it I thought, there's an interesting marketing idea.

switters said...

speaking of cum rags... wait. i may have been one of the few fortunate people to have my first experience with john cusack during "better off dead". been a huge fan since.

jess came over the prairie saturday. we hoisted a 111 and 1/4 inch post into position near the cracked header. took us about 45 minutes and only dropped it once. now it's time to start roughing in the studs, making the loft less terrifying, then up go mom's books in boxes to make way in "the trailer" for the shop annex.

my mood's been pretty negative. either too much or too little coffee. but you couldn't ask for prettier weather, the kind where you actually start making up projects just to stay outside.

Schmutzie said...

Hope things went smoothly with you and the brother brother. Still waiting for your cellar to loft staircase idea. You know what would be great?...a dumbwaiter. Moonpie could go for rides. I've always wanted a library full of books to the ceiling so I could get one of those ladders on wheels, the cool ones that hook on to the edge of the top shelf.

Up in the Wisconsin woods this weekend. Since the NATO thing rolled into town, my mood has been that of a grouchy old bastard telling kids to get off his lawn.

bright said...

"Didn't ask for a dime."

We're trying a garden this year. So far, looks like we'll be harvesting at least 8000 spaghetti squash. And what the heck do you do with fennel? The English lady from next door gave me some last year and that shit is just flourishing but neither of us knows what to do with it?

The Terry Gross thing was marvelous. Thanks.

Also, One Crazy Summer!

switters said...

for whatever reason i picked up "lake wobegon days" again after 25 years. if you haven't read it, i recommend it. if you have, i recommend another look. i'm finding it beautiful and profound in a way that most of it was lost on a pretentious 19 year old doofus in new york city who already knew everything. what a dink!

switters said...

'twas the favorite movie of one eric, a dear snowboarding friend, whose favorite line was, "he's skiing on one ski!"

fennel. oddly enough, i had fennel seeds in a salad made by my girlfriend[at the time]'s aunt, who had a condo in winter park. it was the spring of 1995, and we were visiting her in winter park. it was that trip alone where i caught "the board bug", which, in large part, ultimately caused our breakup. she's was a very cool girl who was a superior top rope rock climber. i didn't do right by her, and i wasn't even an alcoholic yet. her name was andrea. hopelessly ugly and stupid, obviously.

also, i think you can use fennel in the making of sausage, and i see it a lot during my daytime-talk-shows-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-cooking, when they have a guest come on and cook something.

rundeep said...

Fennel -- braise it in a little water and olive oil till it's soft, then cook all the liquid out and get just a little char. Has an entirely different taste then. Or use it parboiled or raw in salad -- it brings a nice, licoricy pop. (Hub grew bronze fennel a year or so ago and it's popped up all over.) OMG, the Terry Gross thing. Awesome. Adrenaline junkies are very cool and have great stories, but they tend to have complicated lives. My husband has a high school friend who is, literally, a world-famous arctic explorer. He was one of National Geographic's Explorers of the year this year. Been in avalanches (lost his wife in one, in fact), been shot at, attacked by polar bears and grizzlies, buffeted in huge seas while in a kayak, lived to tell the tales and has had a whole lotta relationships not work out. For obviousness.