Friday, May 4, 2012

"MCA, where have you been?"

Man, didn't expect this, or to take it this hard. Ridiculous, I suppose. Anyways, one of his geniuses was to embrace punk rock early and then quickly think, "Man, punk rock really sucks and is pointless." He had the same smoldering timbre as Chuck D, but whereas Chuck's arose out of a kind of anger, Adam's was born out of... bemusement.



Schmutzie said...


@pattonoswalt Oh, no. No no no. Goddamit. Seriously. Goddamit. #RIPMCA


@pattonoswalt How DARE the Obama administration speak to us like we're thinking adults! What a snob:

In case PO's link doesn't work there.

5 minutes ago....

@pattonoswalt Very excited for tonight's super moon. Not looking forward to the mega-werewolves.

I never really knew much at Patton until I crossed paths with you. Thanks for the heads-up Swit. I like the guy. He's centered.

Telescopes are kind of worthless when there's a full moon. Almost have to just look at it with the eyes. Mega-moon tonight bud. Biggest moon in something like 10 million years or weeks or something.

Schmutzie said...

(at=about) the keys stuck. I swear I typed "about"

switters said...

I used to work with a guy, Mason Petit, every day "over the phone" from New York. He's pals with Patton, and says that just having dinner with him is a riot. Mason went to school with The Boys, though he's a bit younger. They, also, were a riot.

I was having a shitty day: tools not working, bolts not coming off, poor poor soldering tools (skills, rather). The usual. Then it started to rain. So at about 2 I said, "Moonpie, let's take a break." So I put on Talk Of The Nation because it's great to take a nap to. When I woke up about 3, I heard the top of the NPR news, and it was one of the first "headlines". I couldn't decide if I was dreaming or what, and knew I wasn't. I know he was just some Jew rapper who happened to change and then influence rap (not hip-hop). I don't know. Bad day.

No moon tonight; just rain. Though it wast really bright last night, so much so that Moonpie just stayed out and watched it. She's a wolf.

And, your welcome.

switters said...

The first song on To The 5 Boroughs is "Ch-Ch-Ch-Check It Out", MCA starts off the proceedings with something like, "All you trekkies and tv addicts/don't mean to diss don't mean to bring static..." or whatever. But in the second stanza MikeD's doing his thing on the break and you can hear MCA rap-mocking off mic and he totally cracks up Mike, laughing. It's actually kind of sweet.

Needless to say I'll be blathering all weekend on and on and flying my Paul's Boutique vintage lunch pail (with thermos) at half-mast, until further notice.

And I'd like to add that their first major late night appearance was on Letterman, and it was clear that Dave liked them, in spite of both them and himself.

Schmutzie said...

Funny thing about those organic good moods...

I'm sorry, did you say you've had some rain?

Yes, we've also had some rain here.


And hail.

Like, Smutty's 2 videos were broadcast on WeatherNation.TV 1 & 2 type of rain and hail. I've gotten over 400 views on those 2 vids today. (2 is way better than 1, but 1 is winning.) How's that pump/well/concrete hole in the ground shaping up my friend?

Look, when I say stuff about the Bible, I'm merely expressing my opinion. I'm not saying that there isn't some entity up there that's capable of raining down with some serious shit or anything, because seriously,...clearly there is.

Props to weather God.

And hi Moonpie. Good dog.

switters said...

saturday, 8:45pm, supermoon up in east by southeast. huge. moonpie transfixed.

switters said...

9, first coyote sighting, 2, 1 small 1 big, east treeline moving south to north. moonpie barking but keeping her distance. moon getting bigger.

switters said...

9:30. full dark, moon rising, moonpie on point. Hancock on abc, never seen it, will smith fan/jason bateman has always been a genius, but he'll always be pepper brooks to me.

rundeep said...

Will Smith is a great personality (Phillyguy, of course). Speaking of my hometown, it's standing in for NYC in a movie shoot, directed by the guy who directed the original version of The Girl Who Was Weird and Killed People But Was Still Good. They are shooting near my office now with Terrence Howard and Colin Farrell. Howard also lives nearby and has kids in the school with mine. I sat two seats away from him during the spring concert, wondering how I knew this good looking guy, watching him cheer for absolutely everyone, and not figuring out who it was until he was literally walking out the door. Another brush with fame, wasted. (Hi Moonie.)

switters said...

10, i'm being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow. perfect temp. terrence howard has one of the coolest voices of all time, loved Hustling And Floating, may have reviewed it, maybe. eli manning on snl tonight, prepared to be disappointed. spending the evening thinking about projects tomorrow and where to put all this frustration i have with my brothers, who are kind of assholes.

switters said...

also, charlize theron is so ugly i think i'm going to be sick. oh, and i saw that there will be another music awards show that will have another tribute to whitney. apparently there are still some dregs at the bottom of that barrel to scrape up and serve after the first course.

switters said...

that was pretty good. if i'm not mistaken, didn't peter berg direct Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom?

switters said...

you know, i was thinking today while investigating the efficacy of my alleged gravity drain in the cellar, and this occurred to me: in what crazy parallel universe could it even be possible in the world of music, and i do mean music, where MCA is the "voice of reason", the dry calming effect of relaxed spartanism of Adam Yauch's counterpoint to "the yeller" and "the screwball"? and i thought to myself, with a shovel full of what i hope was mostly mud, "pretty cool universe."

Schmutzie said...

Yeah, and at the same time in a parallel universe Donald Trump is telling Arsenio Hall, Clay Cumstain, Lisa Lampinelli, and Aubrey O'Day that they're "The best of the best."

Um, we're going to disagree on Ms. Theron. I don't think she's all that ugly. In fact, I think she's rather non-ugly really.

Oh good, I think an extra asshole is going to get fired tonight.

switters said...

i hate to say it, but i equate donald trump saying, "this will be the most important interview of your life," with a high school vice-principal saying, "this will go on your permanent record."

Schmutzie said...

I like Marlee Matlin's comment about people shitcanning their charities and just hogging TB time. Good, so I'm not the only one who thought that they're all a pack of has-been camera whores.(now that Penn and Dayana are gone)

Moonpie is smarter than any two of these finalists combined.

Schmutzie said...

TB time...should read TV time.

switters said...

be on the lookout for teri to rerun an interview with The Boys from 2006 i think this week. she loses control of the interview in the best possible way.

Schmutzie said...

The Boys Fresh Air Interview

You gotta get on Twitter brother. I didn't know much about the Beastie Boys outside of No Sleep Til Brooklyn. When Adam passed, my timeline went crazy with links from my friends to a bunch of vids and that interview. I had no idea how many of my friends, mostly old farts like me, liked the Boys.

Also, the Earl Scruggs Fresh Air Interview.

Aside from the old Hillbillies reruns, I don't think I ever heard him speak. He pronounced it Scroogs?