Friday, June 1, 2012

What Will Be* Different About A Romney Presidency?

1. Well, for one thing, according to the commercials, he will seem just a tiny little bit less like an android in his campaign commercials than he seems in [real life].
2. Spelling.

[The Matrix]

*"Might Look"


Schmutzie said...

You're my Blue Sky, you're my sunny day.

switters said...

Great. Thanks for reminding me that the total number of Allman Brothers songs in my Dance Party U.A.S iTunes Mix has risen to a total of 0.

Also, where else but in the midwest on the first of june does your dog all but demand a fire in the stove for the evening's tv watching?

It's almost kind of too gloomy to do anything today, so I may attempt to watch Into The Wild again, but, for the first time, straight. I think I'm most afraid that I won't like it as much. But Vince Vaughn's character, for me, is one of his best parts ever. Wish me luck.

Schmutzie said...

I'm sitting in my office wearing a flannel lined barn jacket because I refuse to turn the heat on in June. Just can't do it my friend. Maybe if I had a really good dog here with me I'd kick it up to 68. We had February days that were warmer than this Swit. I've liked pretty much all of Vince's movies. He was great in Old School. Wedding Crashers is filled with great performances including Vince's. I cannot watch Isla Fisher give Vince a handjob under the dinner table without falling to pieces. She's perfect and he's priceless. I might hold off of Wild until the sun comes back out.

switters said...

Too soon. I heard Eddie and bailed, scrounged around for firewood, for god's sake.

Say, if you get a chance, Letterman's a rerun tonight, the one with Ervin and Larry. Apparently there's a play or something on Broadway called "Bird Magic!". Anyways, it's a pretty special hour.