Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2 Things I Didn't Know Until Today

1.) Mitt Romney saved Detroit and the automotive industry.

2.) There are gay persons of an homosexual persuasion who are so frustrated with President Obama's evolving understanding of same-sex marriage that they won't vote for him, which could cause him to lose the election, thereby electing a president whose unevolved notion of same-sex marriage involves opposing it adamantly [unless some of the same-sex spouses are additional wives*].

*cheap shot

(Well, I guess it's evolved after all. I blame it on living in a house with 4 women.)


Schmutzie said...

I wish I agreed with you. I'm afraid it wasn't Michelle, Sasha, Malia or even Grandma Robinson who caused Barack to suddenly take a pro gay marriage position. It was Mitt, and to a lesser extent, Crazy Joe Veep. I'm in the crowd who thinks the federal government should stay out of the marriage business entirely. That goes for everybody. It's a damned religious rite that has somehow become a social contract that requires involvement of the Federal and State governments, which I'm pretty sure makes it a co-mingling of church and state, which I'm pretty sure is against the rules. That said, since the Federal and State governments decided long ago that the religious rite of marriage falls within their respective purview it would seem somewhat discriminatory to exclude some couples based solely on the fucked up, repressed sexual guidelines of certain religions, namely those of the Judeo-Christian variety. Barack waffled on the issue for too damned long, which is why his sudden and clearly defined opinion smacks of nothing more than election year politicking. Michelle no doubt told him all of that, but since Biden decided to unleash another trickle of consciousness on the matter, the Pres was left no choice but to hold hands with Biden. I hate this fucking nonsense. I hate North Carolina being the cause of this news cycle chew-toy. (Cue Andy Shephard...) We have serious issues facing the country, and while I fully respect the opinions of those who think gay marriage is one of the truly critical problems confronting us, I don't think it is. It's like Shackleton, Crean, Worsley, were deciding on whether or not to make a desperate dash to South Georgia Island and save the 33 guys left on Elephant Island, but stopped to argue for 2 days over the sleeping arrangements. It's a friggin' 10th Amendment issue, and that's where it will remain. There's zero chance of ever getting something added to the US Constitution vis a vis gay marriage (ever meaning within the next 2 or 3 Congresses) so why bother chasing (Andy Shephard again) the pitches that Romney throws in the dirt? Axelrod and Plouffe need to be smarter than this, ...and Biden's fucking retarded.

switters said...

but mitt did save detroit again, right?

well, i agree, mostly. anyways, i wanted to tell you that i went to see my sister in athens, ohio. she had surgery monday, stage 0 breast cancer. as she understands it, it's very treatable, but they're not taking any chances. she was tired and sore, but she looked great and was glad to see me. hung out with her, my brother and 2 of my nieces, who are hopelessly stupid and deformed.

also, i don't know if you're following 30 rock, but alec's character's wife, lizzy banks' character, was kidnapped and held hostage for a year. she was released, so alec and tina are trying to catch her up on current events. alec says something like, "there's an iphone3, now, and a mitt romney4; . romney3 was killing hobos at night."

i thought that was a particularly nasty but well-thought-out turn-of-phrase.

Schmutzie said...

30 Rock is just so perfectly written, which of course is why NBC is pulling the plug after next season. Alec's tweets on the subject are delightful. Also Community and Parks. I guess NBC decided they're no longer interested in comedies.

Schmutzie said...

Your sister. What to say? Bad news, but good news? Fingers crossed buddy.