Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'll never turn 10 either.

And for the life of me I could never figure out how, after all that monstering, his supper was still warm. Amazing.

A sweet, brilliant man with a giant middle finger. We're losing them faster than I'm comfortable with.

(Hi, bright. Always comforting to see you.)


bright said...

I'm always here.


switters said...

mom bought the german version (wo die wilden kiernen wohnen?!?) when augie was a little kid because i was studying for the language aptitude tests for grad school. so his dad (al) would read it to him in over-the-top german. he had no idea what he was reading but his pronunciation was flawless. good times.

switters said...

wow. by watching a warner bros. doc on pbs, i just realized christian slater (okay, bale) was in empire of the sun. and that if you don't have the right wires hooked up to the right wires, you can get a power strip to smoke. but i already knew that second one. unfortunately.

rundeep said...

I skimmed that and thought that Christian Bale was smoking wires in Empire of the Sun, a very good but somewhat overwrought movie. Forgot he was the kid. Peace out.