Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tenacious D Week: Wait Wait Don't Kill Me

Peter doesn't necessarily buy it, but because he thinks there's not much there he knows that that's precisely the point, which means everything.

At first listen, the lyrics seem banal and gratuitously hate driven, so one may retreat to the music, which really is first rate. But then something happens with regard to the lyrics, and they become neither hate-driven nor banal. Not exactly funny, per se, but, rather, honest in a way that's both ridiculous and upsetting. So, well, real.

Let's just get something straight right now: Kyle is an above average guitar player, and gets a sound out of his acoustic that's almost enviable.

I think it's fair to say that Tenacious D is congruent artistically with Spinal Tap. Christopher and Michael are very good musicians. But Jack is a really good musician, and is more invested in Tenacious D than Chris and Mike were in Tap, or The Folksman, for that matter. And though Spinal Tap is more sophisticated, Tenacious D, at least for me, ends up being more authentic, for better or worse.

No, Jack. Metal never died. It just went gay for awhile there.


switters said...

"I'm playing a new drinking game. Every time I'm depressed, I take a drink."
"That game exists. It's called 'alcoholism'.
-Modern Family (rerun, but still)

rundeep said...

What I'm listening to: JD McPherson!

switters said...

dang. and i've been switching between yauch and dieskau. small world, sad world.

rundeep said...

Dude. Maybe you should write an essay on it. Seriously. That is an awesome, strange and wonderful comparison.

switters said...

"... awesome, strange and wonderful..." i think i should like a life that might approach living up to that. and i've been thinking about something called "everything i needed to know i learned in my piano lessons".

df-d did early brahms songs. for that alone i'd take a heckle for the man.