Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sounding Beckett

Now why didn't we think of this?

Music inspired by plays that are themselves so musical that it wouldn't make sense to have the music incidental because Sam provides his own incidental music within his own prose, so have composers write music as a response to the musical prose? Call and response? Prelude and fugue?

I'm listening.

Also, I love that song "Call Me Later Baby" by Carla May Jefferson. Reminds me of the good old days with Rick O'Cassick's "Never Gonna Give You Up". Good times!

Oh, and is it just me, or did Mitt just say that the purpose of having a job is so that you can pay taxes?


rundeep said...

Hey. New Mehldau album, pop covers. Heard about it on NPR tonight. Wonder what you think.

David Marlow said...

Where to start, where to begin. He has always gotten lukewarm reviews because his talent sort of exceeds the critics' ability to judge what he's doing and in some cases what he's trying to do.

It was weird. I was getting some kindling together and heard the music after the Gross interview and thought, That sounds like Brad. What I heard sounds to me like one of his usual gathering of pop tune covers, which means it'll be a great great record. Scares me how well I know his playing. Worser things to be obsessed with, I guess. The fact that he's got an Alice and the Chains song on there just makes me smile the smile of the just(ified).

rundeep said...

The cover of Blackbird is never far from my ears. I work in a building with a grand piano in the lobby. Every day at lunch there's someone who plays for an hour or so. It's a regular rotation. It's gotten to the point I know who is playing when the doors open: the mannered playing of the regular piano teacher, the jazz guy, the sorta jazz guy, the typical background player, and then my favorite a guy who looks like an old porn star, who uses, instead of music, his laptop with its HD screen and its images of paintings. He stares and just plays what he's inspired to play. It's all tone color and pedal, and it's either cheesy as hell or wonderful, lovely. Humans are such an awesome species when they aren't talking to me on the phone.