Saturday, September 15, 2012

I miss Michele Bachmann?

She said the president needs to cancel his interview with David Letterman and Beyonce and JayZ and instead go meet with Bubbi Nat over there in Biblevania.

First of all, the last people Barry should be talking to are powerful blacks. She's absolutely right about that. Powerful blacks are a personal threat to white people of all races. And creeds. But you cancel an interview with Letterman at your own peril. Not on my watch.

Michele Bachmann represents admirably that which we all hold closest to our hearts, namely, staying in a loveless marriage in which the husband engages in homosexual acts with gay men of a queer nature at local dog shows with other homosexual gay queers. And lesbians.

You go girl! Been there done that! Don't go there! Definitely not TMI!

The thing I admire so much about attendees of the value voters convention is that they have none. Except for penis envy. Looking at you, guys! And lesbians.

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David Marlow said...

There are indeed times that I wish I could reside authentically in The News From Lake Wobegon.