Friday, September 7, 2012

Pan-Network "Go Fuck Yourself, Cancer!" Presented Commercial Free

If the networks took the billions they spend on developing and producing new shows like The New Normal and Revolution and instead donated it directly to "science", we'd all be cancer free and live to be 173.

But then we wouldn't have shows like The Neighbors or commercials for cheese-flavored applesauce.

(Note to self: Cheese-flavored applesauce would be awesome!)


David Marlow said...

Oh well. I guess the terrible jobs report is the last nail in the coffin of Obama's presidency. I'm sure president Mitt will sort this all out. Let's just hope those true patriots can at least try to Mask their glee at what is tough news for real Americans, whatever those are anymore.

Isonomist said...

At least Congress has finally added Jesse's form of leukemia to the list of 9/11 caused illnesses. Motherfuckers. Give me my son back and we'll call it square.

David Marlow said...

Amen, m'lady. Amen.