Monday, August 20, 2012

The Slippery Slope Of Fake Rape

There was an episode about this controversial issue on L.A. Law many years ago, I'm sure. Great show!

Remember when it was funny to say that people who thought this way could drive cars and vote? Recall that? Now people who think this way can drive cars and be elected to public office. From which one could infer, if I can perform one of my famous leaps of illogic: There are a majority of people who think this way who drive cars and vote.

Another leap of illogic: The female body knows the difference between legitimate rape and illegitimate rape, and can, therefore, perform its own "abortion" accordingly, which, by the way, should also be illegal, even in the case of legitimate rape, because that abortion is performed without the consent of the body's owner, the female. Proving yet again the timeless Euclidean postulation: "You gotta know your body!"

Final leap of illogic: Knowledge may be power, whatever knowledge means these days. But it doesn't follow that ignorance is weakness. Ignorance is evil. Especially, especially, when it's willful.

And I'm paraphrasing here:

"[Ignorance leads to fear.]
Fear leads to anger.
Anger leads to hate.
Hate... leads to suffering.
[And misery.]"

Okay, whatever, Yoda! There are people that think this way. There always have been. It's just that technology (internets) has given them a wider audience than they used to have, e.g., their journals, their barfly drinking buddies, their basement sex closets, &c., figurative and literal.


rundeep said...

The guy is just afraid of women. They bleed every month and don't die. They grow humans, expel them from their loins in a mass of blood and pain, theycook, clean and whistle. Of course they can magically determine the propriety of the sexual encounter and determine whether a) to ejaculate the sperm back out as "bad sperm" or to accept it for what it is -- a gift from God. Christ I hate the GOP the more I hear. There's no middle left in this country and I feel lonely.

switters said...

2 words: Missouri.

Come Sleep Walk With Me, produced by Ira Glass.

Speaking of which, I joined the MySpace joint that everyone's always talking about. I'm not sure it was a good idea. I immediately had several friends from Birmingham days, work and whatnot, and it felt in the weirdest way like a slight trigger. Made and makes me feel uncomfortable in a way that's really hard to explain. Too soon? Ever?

Funny thing is, I did it to look up Your Fray Poster People From Slate place. Which strikes me as a good idea.

It's almost as if I'm not ready to talk to the folks that knew me primarily as a drunk or someone who was going to be drunk soon, but I'm not ready to talk to them now sober. Yet you guys knew me as a drunk, and now you know me as a recovering alcoholic, and yet I'm most comfortable talking to you guys. I'm not comfortable talking to my family period because, well, I don't like them right now.

Anonymity in a context in which I'm encouraged to be rigorously honest with myself and everyone, but there are just some folks I'm not ready to have to deal with sober. People I knew in real life who cared make me squirmy. Catch 23? 24?

Anyway, I'm David Marlow. Piqua, Ohio. Wittenberg University Class Of -93. But whatever you do, do NOT tell anyone. Especially bright!

Anyways, I know you're not my counselor, but thanks for listening. Again.

Also, how come no one told me that John Carter was kind of very stupid? As a movie?

Just making this up as I go along, doing my best, doing well, actually, and made some serious progress on getting the stove (the Vermont Castings) installed in the cabin space today. And be on the lookout for why I love Philly. Other than freedom.

Honesty and authenticity, but not too much not too soon? Probably too much Breaking Bad, seriously.

Keifus said...

Hey, I was just in that state. I am pretty sure the correct pronunciation is "misery," as in, "I spent six months in St. Louis, Misery last week."

I'm struggling to find the joke along the lines of, "Newsflash: power-mad dickhead who insists he knows how women are supposed to use their bodies has no idea how those bodies work." Ideally, I could work that spectacular retard Jim Inhofe into it too. Maybe I'll keep at it, but it's really more depressing than funny every time I try.

Nice to meet you. I don't know why it's easier to be honest when you're anonymous either, but I was there for a long time myself. Do what feels right, man.


switters said...


I just heard during one of my 289 breaks from the hearth that the homebuilder associated with the superpac involved with the Kerry swiftboat guys gave 2 million dollars to the superpac. Inspiring many headlines, perhaps:

Swift Boat Fuckhead For Dog Shit Donates 2 Million To Lynch Prez: New Home Construction Up In Bigoted Ass Cum-Stained Housing Sector Again This Month?

Isonomist said...

I need a like button. Oh yes and there's her:

I don't want to hate these people. But do I really have to tell myself, oh well, at least they're not touting honor killings, to find something nice to say about them?

rundeep said...

Thanks dear. You know you can stay Anon. Even on the myspacebook, if you choose. For starters, take out your year of birth or where you went to school unless you really want to be contacted. I don't have my husband or daughter's name or even my city. I only want people I actually know to be friends, and I've learned to manipulate the settings to squash the others.

As for the rest, we don't define our relationships with people based on their sobriety. They just are. Nighty was nuts, whether drunk or sober. You were never nuts. Sent you the you know what. Be prepared to gaze upon bazillions of pictures of insects in my yard and my hideously deformed offspring playing sports.

Michael said...

Just a suggestion on your MySpaceBook settings. Upper right hand corner, little arrow next to where it says "Home." Click on that, then click on "privacy settings." Zuck has pre-checked a bunch of boxes for you! (I unchecked every effing one of them and changed the settings to "friends" and "friends of friends." Michael Kenney sent you a friend request. I'd suggest you accept it. He's fucking awesome.