Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Attack Of A Killer Tomato

"German Johnson" voted Best Tasting Tomato by You Bet Your Garden listeners. [Philly]
Splendid Table fans counter with "Black Prince". [St. Paul]

To be decided by moral combat that can only be referred to in the wastelands of future generations as "The Lowdown Throwdown On The Downlow In Lone Rock, Iowa (during the 'Farm Days' act of their version of a Renaissance Festival, adjacent to the old train depot between The Museum Of Traveling Negro League Baseball and the giant boulder)".

This is Clash Of The Titans next-level reality, as we know it. It goes without saying: festival seating anticipated.

1 comment:

rundeep said...

We are personally fond of the Mortgage-Lifter aka Radiator Charlie. Bumper crop this year now that we finally vanquished the woodchucks.