Friday, August 31, 2012


It doesn't seem to fit, might be all the weight I've gained. Anyways, there really is something appealing to me about not being easy to find. And anyone I really like to visit with already knows where I am. Right now, I need the world to be too big, not too small.

Then there's that nagging anxiety that I'm not even close to being ready for winter. My plan for "the outhouse" keeps getting muddled by ceiling height and square footage. The double edged sword of both rustic and single life. And too much Angle Of Repose.

Yet so much to look forward to, football, fires, etc., and momentum. And movies and fall tv premiers. That needs to be enough right now.

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Michael said...

Facebook. Nice backup in case you need to get ahold of someone who vanishes from their blog for months at a time. Whatever.

Onward, forward, that-a-way. Everybody needs room to stretch out the pegs and take a nice leisurely crap.

How's the hearth coming?