Saturday, August 18, 2012

Small Minded Thinking About Income Taxes

I got a bill earlier this year from The Alabama Department Of Revenue (Montgomery, capital, home of The University Of Montgomery Fighting Lynchers) telling me that I owed them 349 dollars from 2010. (Income from money my mom left me after she died. She's been dead for over 3 years and she's still lending me money!)

So I paid it.

349 dollars will buy you a really good chain saw. Not a great one, but a really good one. Say, a 14 inch Echo, my new favorite brand.

Small minded income tax thinking. Good heavens!

Best we get back to the large minded issues. Like not freezing to death, and Pussy Riots. And food. Though it's probably just me being out of touch.


1. I still use only Stihl chains exclusively, and am required by my sponsors to say so.
2. Please try to listen to This American Life this weekend.


switters said...

Fantastic. Turns out the fate of the entire free world currently rests on the shoulders of old people living at a place called The Villages in Florida who want nothing more than for the government to stay out of Medicare. Guess there's only one thing left to do: Build bookshelves. (And watch The Prisoner in its entirety. The original, and not drunk this time.)

Penal-Colony said...

I was reading Kay Ryan, came across this and thought of you:

The Best of It

However carved up
or pared down we get
we keep on making
the best of it as though
it doesn't matter that
our acre's down to
a square foot. As
though our garden
could be one bean
and we'd rejoice if
it flourishes, as
though one bean
could nourish us.


I hope you are well.


switters said...


Flirting with the 40s already here, John. August, and Wood Stove 2.0 is not in place -- I repeat -- Wood Stove 2.0 is not in place. (Okay, Wood Stove 2.015. Sheesh I work slow.)

I never dreamed
An Irishman
Would help me
Not to drink.

I blame Dad.

Your kind thoughts are appreciated and returned. With interest.