Saturday, August 4, 2012

Michael Phelps, Some Final Thoughts



So, yeah, I have cravings, not for alcohol, per se, but for the effect of alcohol. Then I think about the next day, and how horrible that would be. Then I start to feel sorry for myself that I've been cursed with this overwhelming disease that won't even allow me to have half a beer on a hot day.

Then I see on my television set this dude running around the track with no legs.

Then I think to myself that my cross just isn't that heavy, as long as I continue to believe in myself and that ice cream is a food group.


rundeep said...

Amen bro. You are doing great. Proud of you, Blade Farmer. Or something something.

switters said...

1. But ice cream is a food group, right?
2. Don't be mad, but I officially do not like Serena. Not because she destroyed my golden goddess, but because she is not-so-slowly morphing into a defensive end, and I think she's been experimenting with some of the those vitamins Rafa's taking.
3. Possible rain tomorrow. But even if it doesn't, I'm watching the entire RFed/MurRand match, because I haven't been able to watch an entire match for whatever reason for over a year.

rundeep said...

1) Yes. Dairy. The best dairy ever.
2) Not mad, I think so too. Usually. But this tournament was advertised from the beginning as one in which there would be a lot of testing. Hence, the absence of Rafa, the fall of the Spanish, and the fact that Djoko suddenly can't beat Murray. Today was fair -- Maria has been taking hgh from when she was little (her parents are not tall), and Still Serena pulls it out. Circumstances make me think Serena was legit here and still killing it.
3) I'd love to, but Im playing at 8 on clay and at 10 on grass. I'll watch it later.

switters said...

I think I may have to pull for Andy this morning.

bright said...

Here in Maui, there is this thing called Shave Ice which you eat on top of ice cream. It is insanely good, and therefore obviously a food group. Back to the mainland today.

switters said...

You're getting home just in time for Indian Fall. I hope you had a great time. I'm looking forward to a very productive week, with weather to cooperate, for the most part. Because I've got to get going on my tailgating burn pit for The Alabama Games that I shall listen to on my computer radio device.