Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Perhaps The Most Misunderstood Genius In The History Of Music

Like I even have to tell you.

I know where I'll be friday night. Oh yeah! Just try to stop me.
I dare you. Just try to stop me.
Just try. Seriously. I dare you.
Try to stop me. Really. Try to stop me.
Okay, stop me. Try. I'm begging you.

It should be noted here, though relapse is no joke, that I'd have to be screaming on pot like a baked ham in a can, knee-walking drunk. And that would be just to buy the ticket. But I would. But it should also be noted here that if I were to go sober I'd have just as bad of a hangover the next day, and my soul would also have a little mold and mildew on it.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

You know the sound that comes from your table-saw when it binds up and kind of groans as the blade slows down?

I call it Teshing.

switters said...

No. You're thinking Yanni'ing.

"Yard Sale'ing" is catching the back edge of your board on an ice patch sending hat-goggles-watches-rings-glasses-empty wallets whirling through the air for all to see.

"Teshing" is that, but surrounded by a crowd of people thinking it's the most brilliant installation of performance art they've ever seen.

Isonomist said...

I think I counted 2700 uses of the word "Incredible" in that article. Which pretty much covers it. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for the crazy ladies to go away so i can post on my blog again. I refuse to make it private just because a bunch anonymous Ohio bullies decided it's fair game. They'll go away. Soon.

rundeep said...

Well, I think Tesh-watching counts as kind of a dry drunk experience so I get it. I took the kid to see Coldplay for her birthday. Despite my best efforts, I really enjoyed it. As did the 20-something rowdy but overall very polite drunk boy next to me who alternately put an arm around me to sing, and used a pretend microphone to get my daughter and her friend to sing along. No beer (I was driving of course) made the whole experience different.

switters said...

So there's a special on NBC, like Jimmy Fallon's music bits from his little show. Some of the them work: "Whip My Hair", etc., and some don't: TeeBowie. But I don't care. I've always been a fan, and though his History Of Hip Hip with JTimber leaves out a lot (chortle!), I love the guy, and I just realized this: He loves music, and God bless him for it.

Also, Yet more Fresh Air from me.

It should be noted that anyone who can spin a bit entirely around The Theme From "Charles In Charge" is a genius in my book.

rundeep said...

I saw Neil Young sing the theme from Prince of Bel Air. Philly theme, of course. It was strange and compelling.

switters said...

Does Mitt think Tony Blair is still President Of England? Serious question.

Keifus said...

My advisor (who's Greek) was a huge Yanni fan back in the day. I went on a long car ride to a conference or two with the guy, which makes me shudder to remember.

As for Mr. Tesh, I only assume it's ear-gougingly unlistenable, but it's still worth something in the cosmic tally to have a passion inside that you can actually get out somehow--god knows I wish I could--even if it only spans the spectrum between vanilla and whitebread. Tesh is luck to be in America, where there will always be a market for that kind of thing. In Branson, if nowhere else.