Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boy I'm glad my mom and dad are dead.

I get so mad sometimes when I see someone like Michele Bachmann go on the tv and claim that the current administration has been infiltrated by The Brothers Of The Muslim Fraternity Of Islam and that Hillary Clinton pilots unmanned drones in order to kill American citizens in Yemen and Mankato. And that Michelle is fine with her husband paying 14-year old boys to come to the house so he can suck their cocks.

That folks like Michele and Sarah rise to prominence and importance not in spite of their ignorance but proudly because of it really grates my cheese.

Then I think of my parents and realize I have a lot to do yet to get ready for the first fly of snow. And I'm grateful, so very grateful that I continue to retain the privilege of being their son.

And I calm down. A little. And I get back to the art of living.*

*Oh, IOZ!


bright said...

I think this may be The Crazy That Broke Joe Camel's back.

switters said...

From memory, I promise. Lance/Lars Henrikson. Also in Johnny Handsome with Mickey Rourke. And Helen Arkin. Voice on phone in There's Something In The House.

Also, I hate people. Except for The Batman and Ann Cathaway.