Monday, July 16, 2012

Braking Back!

I have an irrational appreciation for actors, known mostly as "That One Guy", who work a lot and are so very good in nearly every part. Some that come immediately to mind:

Gary Cole
Jason Bateman
Bruce Greenwood
Miguel Ferrer
Michael Hitchcock
Brad Pitt
John Michael Higgins
The Newspaper Guy From Spiderman, And Juno
David Koechner
Richard Something Something (older guy, seems sad all the time)
Bob Balaban
Jeff Tambor
Justin Theroux
Tom Cruise
David Paymer

We knew them when (they were still "That One Guy" [some still are]):

Paul Rudd
Tom Wilkinson (personal favorite)
Alec Baldwin

I've seen maybe 3 episodes of Malcolm In The Middle. Good show. But Brian is the sort that you just know right away about, especially when you hear yourself say, Oh, yeah, the one armed guy from Saving Private Ryanwith maybe 2 scenes.

I like Jason Bateman on there because of Starsky And Hutch and Pepper Brooks.

Though I'm a drunken pothead, in counseling we talked about heroin and crack and meth. The counselor said that though all are devastatingly addictive, meth seemed the hardest to come off. In a weird way it helps to see others hit bottom, but only if it's on TV or in memoirs. Though I suspect it's going to be years and years before I'll ever be able to watch Leaving Las Vegas again.

Full disclosure: I've heard so many interviews from cast and writers and creators and directors of the show, it was only a matter of time before I ordered Season 1. Curiously, it was Bob Garfield of On The Media going on and on about the show during a story about a Slate writer who said it was pop culturally self-defeating to watch an entire series in 3 days. I kind of agree. When I watched Deadwood for the first time, I made myself stop after 2 episodes every saturday afternoon, sober, oddly enough.

And I've never seen The Sopranos. Frankly, the show scares me. Or just the thought of it.

(And lest we forget: Tom Cruise is the greatest actor of all time.)


switters said...

Master Chef! [horseback weight limit reached sfx here]

1. Corn. On the cob. Barely peeled. On the grill. On fire.
-Peel, boil, serve.
2. Those aren't cowboys; it's a used car dealership office manager convention.
3. If it's a good steak, you can steam it in an old shoe and it'll still taste good. But that may be because I'm from the midwest and that's how we prepare steak.

bright said...

American Gothic Gary Cole was insanely good until they reined in the weirdness halfway through the first season.

Also that guy from Millennium who was the android in Alien 2. And John DeLancie!

Poor kid is at camp this week. She should build super duper extra character having survived the second heatwave of ought twelve in a cabin with 30 other smelly, crabby girl scouts.

Our garden has produced two delightful zucchini and 20 cherry tomatoes. Peppers and cucumbers are doubtful, but keeping fingers crossed. The fennel is 6 1/2 feet tall and beginning to seed. We get corn (melt in your mouth sweet) and peaches (bland, disappointing) from the farmer that sings in Mike's chorus.

I can't stop reading about Tom and Katie. I am part of the problem.

Gary Sinise. Did you see the Memorial Day concert this year when the announcement came over the loudspeaker the first time from the National Park Service saying go home it's gonna rain like 700 dollars and then the camera cuts to Sinise and he looks dead into the lens and says we're staying and grandma says see, how did we not win Vietnam when he was there? and we were like Grandma it was a movie and then the National Park Service comes back on and says no really, GTFO, you are going to die from the rain so then they just cut to last year's show.

Good times.

rundeep said...

1) My favorite corn -- grilled with lime juice and a mixture of salt and chili powder. I know, but try it.

2) bright I love you so for remember Milennium!

3) I've seen a few episodes of The Wire, but honestly, for like the whole first season I couldn't understand what 60% of the people were saying.

4) Dude. Order Treme. New Orleans, post Katrina realness with music so good it will make you weep. Again.

Michael said...

Funny. I agree with your entire list. Without exception! That never happens. Character actors, one of my favorite discussions.

1- J.K. Simmons - Couldn't agree more. He kills as JJJameson. (never saw Juno, D Cody/Brook Busey and I graduated from the same high school, 18 yrs apart.)

2- Others-

Stephen Tobolowsky- Klan leader in Mississippi Burning, and Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day? Now that's what I call range.

James Rebhorn- FBI tire expert in My Cousin Vinny & water volleyball player in Meet The Parents ("not my fault Florence Nightengale here missed the easy shot.") Range!

Love's me some Phil S Hoffman. You like Paymer? Check out "State & Main" -- Balgwin, Hoffman, Paymer, WH Macey, J Stiles,...directed by Mamet. Great little sleeper of a movie.

Bateman and Cole's play-by-play in Dodgeball is worth the price of admission.

I hear cigarettes are harder to kick than meth. I've been able to clean everything else out of my system, can't seem to shake Phil Morris.

switters said...

So I'm working on the west side of the cabin and I get stung by what could only be one of those mega-wasps from Hungry Games: The Comic Book, and I get chills, sweats, dizziness, nausea, etc., and things of that nature. I wake up and I realize that I still can't make out how I feel about this even after over 6 months, other than she's a deleted scene from Dave Lynch's next movie.

But there's just something about her, other than her apparent mediocrity, so-called.