Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thank Christ For Dan Savage

I heard this first May of 2009, and again, during a rebroadcast, then another time, and then again just about 5 minutes ago listening to WBHM in Birmingham Alabama (computers are crazy!). So this really was about the 4th or 5th time I stopped what I was doing and sat down and listened to it. The first time was almost exactly 3 weeks before my Mom's memorial service in Burt, Iowa, where I had memorized the poem John pointed me to, in which Mom wasn't lying in the clay, and recited it to myself quietly while the minister yammered on and on and on about God knows what.

I've always liked Dan. I hope you like it as much as I hope I know how to link youtube videos. Call your moms.

in my thoughts

I still miss you, ya old bag.


Schmutzie said...

St. Paul of the Cross is my St. James. Not even sure why I go, maybe for the same reason that Dan goes. But every time I think that I'm in a place that for all of its mystical crap, is still a place for people who care about people, I'm slapped back to reality by a priest telling me that Barack Obama hates unborn children. Maybe they really are trying to make Lutherans out of all of us.


switters said...

could you take heart in something a dying lutheran pastor (my mom) said to me once, namely, "you know, i thought i really liked barack obama. and then that preacher man person asked him when life began, and barack said something about that being above his pay grade. and i thought how wonderful and courageous it was for someone to admit finally that claiming to know when life begins is claiming to know the mind of god, and she ain't sayin. and that's when i stopped liking barack obama and started loving him."

Schmutzie said...

I understand they oppose birth control. Fine, it's their right to be wrong. And obviously Barack sees things differently. But to tell an entire congregation that Obama doesn't love the unborn children is just fucked up and morbidly wrong. And it's, ... oh what do they call that, bearing false witness?

I went to a Lutheran service for my sister-in-law's father. (Bro Bill's father-in-law) Sam. Nice guy. I was very impressed with the woman who addressed the gathering, and I remember thinking how screwed up the Catholic church is vis a vis women being ordained. She was terrific, and while solemn, sort of upbeat and celebratory. Not because Sam had passed into the great afterlife where he was sitting at the right hand of God, but because Sam was a great guy who had influenced everyone there that night while he was alive. Very non-mystical. I mentioned to Keifus that I'd been sitting in on the services at St. Paul's,and was planning to check out St. Luke's, the Lutheran joint on Prospect Ave. It's been a few months of Catholic now, including the all-important time of self-loathing, Lent.

St. Luke's tomorrow I think.

It's creepy how Savage's experience is so damned similar.I actually thought "is it really 38 years since my last confession?" I'm not there to pray for my mom who doesn't have much longer, and I'm not there for my late great dad, who never bought into religion.I'm not gay, (and then Fr. Tom also came out to my mother- Oh how damned great is that?) nor am I looking for the "welcome back envelope"- which they have at St. Paul's. I really don't know why I'm there. Very deja vu as far as my altar boy days though. "Pretending to believe." Dude said a mouthful with that shit.

Schmutzie said...

I guess I could have just said "how screwed up the Catholic church is vis a vis women." and left it at that.

switters said...

when i get to feeling sorry for myself, unjustifiably so, say, when a tool doesn't work right on account of operator error, i go to Bob Evans, which i will henceforth refer to as Robert
Evans... anyways, i think ira glass knew i needed to hear dan's piece again, i swear. because, sure, i listen to patton and ira and dan and david sedaris and dave attell and sarah silverman and david letterman to laugh, but i also listen to them to reassure myself that i'm not alone, and that we're gonna be fine. and that the poetics of filth of patton may be filthy, e.g., "a fog bank of twat mist", "hate-fucked the crowd with magic for ten minutes", etc., but it's also the poetry of hope. at least i think so. but i'm one twisted fuck.

Schmutzie said...

Seriously important step taken when one accepts operator error and rejects what I call the "lousy carpenter blaming his hammer" syndrome. 45 friggin' weeks my man. You know you're winning when you misplace an entire week.

PO has "His Finest Hour" coming up on Comedy in about 20 mins. Preview

switters said...

and me without the cable.

1. just ordered 2 books on amazon: portrait of an addict as a young man, and 90 days.
2. yeah, moonpie picked the wrong fight. got her thigh gauged pretty good, but she's been tending it and can put weight on it again, and my finger can move.
3. one of nbc's better shows, "the firm", is actually darn good, but nobody knows about it.
4. the snl rerun tonight is pretty good, with harry potter. really great skit of a gameshow about the gross entitlement of the y generation. spot on.
5. we're gonna be fine. and a really good this old house hour on all weekend.

Schmutzie said...

Based on knowing you for a while now, just a guess after a Google-mazon hunt. You ordered 90 Days: A Journal between You and God by Anthony Sanders, and not the 90 Days:Reflections on Lent and Easter by Kay Murdy.

Has Moonpie been to the vet Swit? I'll be the annoying pain in the ass who urges you to get her checked for rabies. Coyotes carry that stuff.

That's the nice thing about Comedy. They'll have PO's 'Finest Hour" up on their website within days. I'm 3 days from turning cable back off. Rationalized the intro offer of $20 mo for 6 mos so I could watch the Blackhawks.

I know you're going to (continue) be (ing) fine. Never a doubt in my mind. Get the damned dog looked at!

switters said...

bah. who knew 90 days was so popular? bill clegg's musings on being an addict, relapse an whatnot. he was on talk of the nation thursday, i think. i tried to call in.

moonpie had all her shots last july. it's not that she hates vets; it's that she's too much like me in that she doesn't want more bad news.

po: "uncle touchy's naked puzzle basement". sorry, but the guy's fearless.

shocking the well tomorrow with chlorine. it's festival seating.

Schmutzie said...

PO- on Christians- What if I went to the White House and told them I wanted something I read in a Green Lantern book to happen here and now? The Bible's a great book, and if you're a fan of Saw, or you like torture porn, you have got to check out the Old Testament. "Well, you have to respect their beliefs!"...Bullshit, I may have to acknowledge their beliefs but I don't have to respect them. Look at it this way...what if I believed 1000% in an invisible anus that was hanging right over my head. And if I did anything wrong, I'd get sucked up inside this giant invisible anus and be attacked by bleeeeeep bleeeeep bleeep. (I don't know what he said but they're laughing their asses off) Does that mean that you have to believe in an invisible anus?

I'll be the annoying pain in the ass who reminds you to load up on extra water before the well shock. I think it takes...what?...12-24 hours?

switters said...

on the record he says, "devoured by shit piranhas."

Schmutzie said...


On moving to New York. "It's a great place to visit, but once you live here for a few months your head becomes a cage and your brain becomes a rat. And the whole city is poking at the rat in the cage with sticks until finally I say "I want somebody to be very sad and I want to be responsible!"

Schmutzie said...

Clay Aiken just told Dayana Mendoza this isn't a good time for her to get nude.

Something something kill Clay Aiken something so forth and so on....

rundeep said...

Okay, I never knew how much I had in common with Dan Savage. Turns out it's quite a bit. My St. James is OMC (Our Mother of Consolation). Seems appropriate that it's named for a woman, at least. I go for the music, mostly. When I need to sing, out loud, something simple and lovely and ethereal and think it means something, but I don't want to seem alone or elevated or out of place. That's why I do it. still.

rundeep said...

Oh, plus I did a very "professional liberal" thing this weekend -- I downloaded the This American Life ap, and I listened on the way home today to Fiascoes. It is still hilarious.