Sunday, April 29, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice: Wow I Forgot How Easy It Is To Write A Song

I knew Barry Manilow. Barry Manilow was a friend of mine. Clay Aiken, you are no Barry Manilow.

In addition to rooting against people being bad sportsmanship, it is fundamentally unAmerican to want people to fail. You should let them do it quietly so that they can keep it to themselves.

For the record, I have never met Barry Manilow. However, having had many "incidents" with "Fanilows", I feel like I have.


Schmutzie said...

It's been years of watching Apprentice now, and without a doubt the biggest shock so far is finding out Lisa Lampinelli is a crybaby. Never would have expected her to be so easily rattled. She just came unglued over a remark made by Miss Universe!

Glad to hear the finger is on the mend.

switters said...

I'm unfamiliar with Lisa's standup. But I suspect that most if not all comedians are a little crazy. They have to be to do what they do. But if Lisa at this stage of her career even goes on Apprentice, that doesn't bode well for her career or her ability.

And I'll say this: Dayana speaks 2 languages. That we know of.

And I'll say this: Clay Aiken could star in Wicked and do well as both of the witches. Adam Lambert could star in Wicked and do great as both witches. But he could also sing the entire Zeppelin catalogue and kill. And then move on to The Who. Keifus, do not dispute me!

Schmutzie said...

Her HBO specials are very funny. She's all over YouTube. Kind of a Don Rickles act, which is tough to pull off if you aren't brilliant. A fine line between funny and offensive, and she's pretty good at it. Very popular with the gay community which means Fanilows prob love her too.

What do you call someone who speaks 3 languages? Tri-lingual. 2 languages? Bi-lingual. 1 language? An American.

I just rediscovered Who's Next for the 11th time. Good grief, how do you try to follow that?

switters said...

IOZ got cross when I said it about 6 years ago, but I've always held that Who's Next was their best. These idiot kids today don't know what an album used to mean. But that thing beginning to end is pretty much, like Dayana, flawless.

Shed's getting wired; muffler works, but is it backwards? And I'm kind of excited about something I've been tossing around about the farm house. I'll spell it out tomorrow on a break, but imagine a roughly 24'x24' box with an upstairs. Then cut it in half. I'll explain it better tomorrow.

Good to have at least 1 and 1/2 hands again. Hope you're getting this spring teaser.

Schmutzie said...

I'll assume you mean cutting 24x24 in half so that the upstairs remains. Hmmm. Okay, I'll tune in again tomorrow.

We've already covered Keith's drums, so there's not much point in going over it again other than to reiterate what you said about "Behind Blue Eyes" -

IOZ? and he knows music better than you do because?

I think Who's Next is their best, but they made some other catchy numbers.


Anonymous said...

trust me..I really DO know Barry Manilow and you got it right..Clay is NO Barry Manilow. say what you want about his music but Barry is VERY good at what he does.

Keifus said...

Have you watched Idol this year, Swit? Kids are more talented than last year, but still...

One of the recently voted-off did an absolutely terrible and tuneless rendition of September, and it was pretty goddamn obvious from everything about the performance that he never read your Quiblit post on why it's an awesome tune. Or otherwise completely didn't get it. I thought of that as I was trying to extract my fingers from my ears.

switters said...

wowser, what a storm! shed wiring holding up so far.

so, 24 by 24 becomes 24 by 12 with loft, over the cellar. vermont castings stove goes down to cellar (don't know where to vent it out, but lots of perfect options) and heats entire space. dead of winter maybe i figure out an elegant way to close off loft, which, by the way, will be entirely bookshelves to hold mom and my books. which means a kickass opportunity to figure out an uninterrupted staircase from cellar to loft. look out!

think of house sitting north to south; new interior will be the south end of extant structure.

house is original post and beam construction, which means center beam will stick out to the north, and post joists will stick out to the west, but only half of wester exposure. so, extant beams and posts become joists for wrap-around porch? so that when the wind comes out of the northwest everything gets pounded to within an inch of its life? again?

anyways, the cellar is so cool. been cleaning it up and refurbishing useful fasteners, hardware, electric, etc. what i'm seeing is the cellar as this really cool mechanical room with stove, water heater, washer-dryer (we're not farmers!?!) and disemboweled bush-cheney holdout fans who are dead. that's not funny. walk up to living quarters then up to library. much less square footage to heat (thinking specifically dec.-jan.-feb.), but plenty of room for a slightly insane hermit who dines nightly at The Robert Evans. really fun stuff.

my fanilow friend, didn't mean to step on any toes, especially those which happen to be a little light in the loafers.

Keif, i'm boycotting idol because it's up against the wednesday laughfest on abc. as far as "september" goes, it's on my *ultimate mix dance!* iTunes folder, and it's hard for me to resign myself to a shitty day every time it comes around. also, i've decided to review the 2 books i just got from amazon, and by reviewing i mean making you read them too and then agreeing with your review. sorry.

Keifus said...

I have to admit that a whole-floor library sounds pretty kickass. (Also a useful cellar. I wish sometimes I had room for interesting tools.)

Schmutzie said...

The wrap around porch using the old post and beam center and side joists sounds like a fantastic idea. I think getting a roof over it, to marry with the walls of the house might be tricky. Pictures Swit, I need pictures.

I'm totally with the idea of reducing square footage for purposes of heating and cooling. That will be the next trend in the home construction industry, if that industry ever recovers from their "everyone needs a McMansion" phase.

Uninterrupted stairway from cellar to loft. A great challenge. Did you know that if you ask someone to describe a spiral staircase, 100 out of 100 people will use their index finger and twirl it in the air rather than simply saying "it's a staircase that rotates upwards"? It's true, ask anyone what a spiral staircase is.

(Right after my dad died in '99, my 3 sisters and I took to meeting mom every Sunday for breakfast at The Robert Evans in Naperville. I love The Robert Evans

rundeep said...

We have a loft library (with clearstory windows). There was supposed to be a ladder from downstairs to reach it, but we couldn't get anyone to build it -- apparently it violates "Code." Bastards. I still wish we had it.

Keifus said...

So is a fire pole in code? Because now that would be cool.