Monday, April 9, 2012

Scientific Method Proved Unscientific By Creationism

"So, yeah, I create heaven and earth, the sun, some firmament here and there, then man and woman. I give them free will and intellect, reason, logic, love, compassion, decency and birth control. Then I turn myself into my own son, die on the cross, rise on the 3rd-ish day, tear satan a new one, and how do you ignorant fucks repay me? By poking me in the ribs with a stick, hating women, One Direction, condemning queers, Florida, Texas, Tennessee? Nice. Well I've had it. Let's just say when I come back (and for those keeping score at home this will be the 19th time), by the time I'm done with this dimension The Hunger Games will seem like The Biggest Loser. You guys are on your own. Again."


Cindy said...


rundeep said...

But Santorum dropped out. Does this mean there is a God fer sure?

Anonymous said...

How do you get a tomato seed from that?