Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moment Of Clarity #19

Good Morning, America! beats The Today Show! in ratings war for the first time since 1995-or-so-ish!

Dancing With The Stars! weigh[s] in on "Princess Pippa Longstocking's Nazi Gun Prank!".

Conclusion #19:
Morning shows approach making/having any resemblance to sense only and if only when you've been drunk for 32 days straight (and counting). Reason enough for this white-trash bro-bro, his 1971 tractor with a brand-spankin' new battery, and a coyote-ass-kicking best dog in the world not to relapse.

I.e., 45 weeks and counting, tomorrow. Best part? All week I thought it was only 44 weeks. And whether (weather!) all y'all like it or not I have each and every one of you to thank for it. And Matt "Megatard" Lauer, my trigger man. So, well, thanks. Again. And I hope we all have a really good day tomorrow. And if not, we'll fight through it one moment at a time.


Schmutzie said...

Don't tell me Moonpie got into a scrape with a Yote. Those things are nasty.

I watched 5 mins of Palin, and 3 mins of Couric when they went head-to-head, such as it was. 8 minutes of my life I can never get back.

bright said...

45 is fantastic. Yay you!

Penal-Colony said...

What Bright said. Well done.