Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice Versus Hallmark Hall Of Fame's "Firelight"

I love Hallmark commercials. It's a sign of weakness I'm fully willing to admit. The music makes me cry! But there was mention of Aubrey O'Day's vagina, so... well... we're still sorting out the details.


switters said...

this was a tough one. on one side:

a band of girls gone wild and wrong led by the black jerry mcguire, pocahontas and somebody's sister star in the tale of fire-fighting juvenile offenders who band together against gangs, prejudice and crime, and end up finding a life to save, which turns out to be their own. based loosely on "the allegory of plato's cave", this sugary, syrupy cliche hits all the right notes, ties all the right knots and nots, and goes down swinging toward the light of death, second chances and redemption.

f-list pseudo-famous drips whose task for the week is to come up with a fragrance for donald trump's new men's cologne, which, it turns out, is composed of the essences of stale cum, cheap bourbon, a dead hooker, misapplied arrogance, unearned hubris, and, ultimately, the loneliness of failure and despicableness. which also, ironically, hits all the right notes, vis a vis tom robbins.

i'm going with the hallmark movie because, like trump, i'm getting soft in my older age.

switters said...

(oh, and the zest of knowing that you've never been loved, and never will be. that what causes it to sting the nostrils. or, the high notes.)

bright said...

So you might know this since you watch Celebrity Apprentice: is there an easy way to get your boss to start taking back all of the pieces of his/her job that you've had to take on over the last 4 years because they didn't feel like doing them? (Other than just walking in the office and screaming DO YOUR OWN WORK?!?!11!! I mean.)

switters said...

heck, if i knew how to do that, i'd know how to get back the "money" my brother owes me. turns out one of the side effects of my new condition is the inability to figure out who the bigger asshole is. i'll go out on a limb and say he is, but only after a photo finish.

switters said...

sorry, that was ugly. long day involving splitting load beams and floor jacks. it'll be on this week's live episode of 30 Rock. so, ugly. true, but ugly.