Friday, June 15, 2012

What Would A 2nd Term Obama Presidency Look Like?!?!?!?


1. There are not, and there never have been, libraries filled with bipartisan studies concluding that legal Mexican immigrants, or illegal immigrants, not only do not take jobs away from patriotic citizens, but, in times of economic growth, actually add to the stimulating of the economy.
2. If there are or ever have been such studies, they were conducted exclusively by Obama supporting Nazi faggots 48 years ago.
3. Children of illegal Mexican immigrants who get into college have done so because of affirmative action, not because their application package was superior to those who did not get in, even if those who did not get in planned on majoring in Not Going To Class with a minor in Too Drunk From Frat Party Still.
4. Their admissions packages were probably superior only because they cheated off the paper of a blond white girl, and because liberal arts colleges' admissions boards are made up of liberal faggots. A meritocracy is still a meritocracy, no matter how it's redefined to appeal to the so-called lazy. And stupid.
5. Illegal Mexican immigrants are in fact taking jobs away from legal patriotic citizens. The studies that prove this are: a. "When was the last time you saw a white landscaping crew member mowing your lawn?"; and b. "When was the last time you saw a white mason's apprentice repairing your custom brick barbecue pit?"
6. Faggots.

So, a vote for Sambo is a vote for illegal Mexican immigrant Nazi faggots. And Fear Of A Black Planet will be the least of your worries. Replaced by fear of a brown planet, you see. Where the brown is not a tan.

Your move, gringo.


Isonomist said...

I look forward to being a minority. Shouldn't be long now.

switters said...

Hey Iso. Just now finished Episode 4, "Here Was A Man", Wild Bill gets assassinated at the end. It was just extraordinary television, even when I just rented it 5 years ago. This is exactly only the 2nd time I've seen it so far. And I'm still amazed how dense each installment is.

And I'm still waiting for the fucking 2 hour movie that wraps everything up, cocksuckers.

switters said...

"... young people who come here through no fault of their own..."*


"... it's the right thing to do... [...and when I'm talking you're more than welcome to head over there by The Rose Garden and proceed to fuck yourself...] ..."

Me? When was the last time you heard a President Of America say, "... it's the right thing to do"? And when was it actually the right thing to do?

*bold and italics mine

Schmutzie said...

Calamity Jane in Deadwood, and Rachel Carlson in LOST. Same actress. Robin Weigert I still find that un-effing-believable. She's astonishing. And Wu. If I had to pick a favorite scene, it's Al assuring Wu that he'd catch the cocksucker hoople-heads who stole Wu's opium. Cocksucker! Swayjin, kill cocksucker! Gooooood Swayjin.

Isonomist said...

I LOVE that damn show. Swit, you've inspired me. I need the whole thing at my fingertips. I was so disappointed Wild Bill died, but that's how history works I guess. Apparently the real Deadwood SD has a museum all about the bad old days:

Isonomist said...

And who let Tucker Carlson's boytoy onto the property? A real reporter would have socked that disrespectful foreign immigrant right in his smugly hypocritical face.

switters said...

Speaking of which, guess what the mail carrier brought today!

Road trip. We start by retracing Lew and Clark's canoe steps (again, for some of you), pick up Into The Wild's sortie into The Dakotas, head over to The Gem for some nutty confabs with the "... loopy cunts...," and end at Dick's place, which, I have on good authority, is still there. Maybe we'll run into the whole gang.

Schmutzie said...

Yes sir, Dick's place is still there. I have it on good authority that not one bear has cracked that lock.

Some new Dick!

Schmutzie said...

Toward the end of that link, grab the 48mg PDF from the Natl Park Service. Worth it!

switters said...

Well, The King's Speech is calling my name tonight, but it's becoming difficult again to miss a night with Al Swearington.

I have got to do something about this anger I have for my family. It can't be healthy. Hard work cures most ills, but this seems to go down to the marrow.

Isonomist said...

When do we leave? I'm going to be in Columbus the 26-4th, and then a bit north of Cincy the 19-29th.

JackD said...

Aren't you more concerned with being secretly baptized by federal agents posing as missionaries and wearing shiny black suits with narrow ties? Don't mess with freedom of religion even if it comes from the angel Moroni.