Sunday, January 22, 2012

South Carolina: "Mitt Just Not Racist Enough"

Newt responds: "Freedom of speech is destroying our freedom of speech. And sex acts protected under the 5th ammendment."

President Obama too busy being president to respond.

Meanwhile, Al Gore reinvents the internets and calculator.

And Jefferson survives.

P.S. I truly hope that Joe had at least a bit of peace at the hour of his taking away.


Keifus said...

Newt may have the jowly porcine appearance of a contented prize hog, but his mind is like a malicious fox, a Reynard constantly shifting and scheming, bloviating entirely in the moment, without shame and without a sense of the past. (That he imagines himself a historian is high irony.) I wonder if he doesn't utterly believe the bullshit that flies from his mouth in the moments it's coming out. Or maybe he doesn't believe anything at all.

(I've had some major problems leaving comments on some local blogs. Don't even usually get the window, so let's see if this one takes.)

switters said...

keif, though i can and will take credit for coining the term*, i find newt to be an excellent representative of the revisionist history party. as such, he's allowed to conclude that our president represents the most radical leftist movement in our history, if we don't count the adams' or the bushes. or, as brooks is wont to suggest, james k. polk.**

*"battered chapped dickheads for real change back to the real americans"

**make up

topazz said...

Please, please, please! It's too much to hope for! (You know, that he'd actually be the nominee) In the battle of First Ladies alone, Shelley would wipe the floor with her

bright said...

Hey y'all. Count me among the can't get in lately to comment crowd.

Hi everybody! Newt is just an awful, awful person. Fortunately (for him!) Jesus really likes those guys.

Keifus said...

Although it IS pretty funny to have Mittens and Newticles (best nickname yet, though I can't take credit) shout at each other for basically being capitalists. Today, Mitt's trying to tie Newt to Countrywide. So much for brand Republican.

Also, I saw ten minutes of the bachelor last night. Isn't that the guy who was the former child* actor who starred in Stand By Me? Not Corey Feldman, or Wesley Crusher, the other one.

Also having persistent problems with Iso's and Claude's blog. Maybe it's confined to old Fray mates. Fortunately for y'all, I have had nothing to say lately.


*aren't we all.

Keifus said...

...or maybe it was for being the obvious corporate lobbyist/total whore. Or maybe it was both. You don't expect me to actually watch so much of these disturbing clowns do you? But in any case, we have 30+ years of Republican corporate sycophancy getting occasionally pinata-ed by these guys. It's funny.

Isonomist said...
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Isonomist said...

Isonomist said...

Why did none of you people tell me of the awesomeness that is Southland???? First two episodes of Season 4 just changed my life. Or at least my evening.

Following it up by finally watching that Nightline where Newt's middle wife tells all.

Sorry about the delete, it was an inferior version of this one.

rundeep said...

Re: Joe. I think he probably did. Big family, very close (one of children lives in the hood and one of his grandkids is in lil rundeep's class, nice people). I truly believe that alone among these turds, he genuinely does wish he did more. That's not enough, but it's something.