Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mitt v. Newt

Open marriages, slaves to The Book Of Mormon Satan, multiple wives and multiple wives and a possible second (okay, third) family in rural Mexico, the republican frontrunners are starting to make Ron Paul look less and less like m'boy Dennis Kucinich almost every hour it would seem. Rest assured that these walking raisin cakes will have plenty of time to figure out what went wrong with their campaigns and why they fall for women whose hair color doesn't occur in nature very often ever during President Obama's third term. As President. Of The United States. The Middle Part this time.

And they have funny sounding names! HAHAHA HA HAHAHAHA!!!

Now I think most democrats, so-called, are generally lip-quivering pussies, but boy I sure do like my current President. Plus, it would seem Gingy's the one doing all the crying.


Schmutzie said...

Look, Newt just said Saul Alinsky!

Code for: Barack Obama is black.

rundeep said...

I can't even watch the debates because they make me want to leave the country. Honestly, this is the best the GOP can do? A nut, a rich extortionate Mormon, another nut, and Ron Paul with his racist following? really?

BO is a lucky man, I hope.