Monday, February 11, 2013

Some songs

"Are You Gonna Waste My Time", Zeus
For fans of Zeppelin B-Sides.

"Hot Knife", Fiona Apple

"Again and Again and Again (and Again)", The Bird and The Bee

"The Times They Are A-Changing", Joshua Redman (guess who on piano)

"River Man", Nick Drake
Might be worthwhile to check out also the cover of this by, well, you know.

"A Lady Does Not Often Falter", Cahalen Morrison and Eli West
These 2 hippie kids aren't just the future of bluegrass music; they're the future of authentic music.

"Is Your Love Big Enough (for What's to Come)", Lianne LaHavas
The best version of this song for me is still the live performance on Letterman, conveniently located on YouTube for those connected to the intranet.

"Anthropology", Mehldau/Rossy Trio
For me, the best tune Charlie Parker ever wrote. This is a great study in solving the rhythm changes problem, by a young Mehldau. On iTunes, look for it under the record title, When I Fall In Love

"Queen of California", John Mayer
Sorry, guys. But I love his voice. Always have. Guess I'm all gay again.


Keifus said...

Authenticity. I did like those Morrison and West selections a lot, and remain impressed that there're still legit ways to reinvent Americana.

It's a special relief after watching a couple episodes of that horrible American Idol factory farming experiment. I mean really, Keith fucking Urban. At one point he was lecturing to another judge about how American country music is REAL yo, something that you don't just dabble in, because unlike all that pop noise, it's totally genuine like that. This was coming from an Australian guy named "Urban."

David Marlow said...

I swear I tried to watch this season. Wednesdays at 8 is pretty weak, but I really like Modern Family at 9. So I started what I think was the first city auditions. After maybe 15 minutes I just couldn't take it any more. For me it's still the loss of Simon. And maybe the show has run its course. Honestly don't know.

Those hippie kids make me sick. Mando's voice is so true. But the guitar player? His playing reminds me of Sean Watkins. But can you believe how much space, both musically and sonically, they fill with just 4 instruments? (Counting voices, obviously.) And "Often Falter" is such an extraordinary song, and they play it like they wrote it, which is the sign of a good cover, whether it's a cover or not.

Kids like those freaks make me feel better for so many reasons. It's also nice to talk to someone about it who cares. Would be truly interested in your thoughts on the other freakishly talented retards on the list.

Keifus said...

Holy fuck, the airport wifi timed out on me...

I like M. Mehldau. His playing makes me feel a bit unqualified to listen, like there are bigger currents over my head that I'm not quite getting. (If Dr. Griffin is around, it's a similar feeling I'd get to certain poetry or philosophy. I find myself sensing general patterns, looking for the right access point, knowing I'll be hopeless once I get it.)

In a way, that's the worst sort of tease, the one that compels you to keep going back and thinking about it.

And he's playing these days with Chris Thile, which helps take my mind closer to "blown."

The bluegrass kids, my impression is the opposite. Feels not the least bit subtle (even if it takes a subtle approach). It's like they jaggedly opened a vein, and crammed feeling right into it.

I did like the Fiona Apple track. I was super interested in her tympani (homina homina), after all that.


Keifus said...

(I was gonna say that even my wife gave up on that show this year, but alas, it's not so. Worst part is, it's LOUD mediocrity.)

Anonymous said...

I admit I like Mayers voice too. And his guitar playing. Glad to see you all. Rundeep, having technical difficulty.

David Marlow said...

Great musician. Terrible taste in women.

Michael said...


Keifus said...

1. Blind Melon's "change" came up in the mix yesterday. Appreciated, and a bit needed. Long year, though I wish I could say why. Thanks for that one.

2. Watching The Hobbit just now, and I have similar Jackson-esque praises and complaints as always (lengthen what he don't need to, turn into simple epiphany what he shoukdnt, while getting some parts so pitch-perfect it makes me cry, geekily), but the prequel/sequel continuity is done very well, including the music.

hope you're well, bro.

Keifus said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, first day of spring tomorrow!


David Marlow said...

Also known as "midwinter".

Isonomist said...

Probably should have just posted here about my grandparents corn crib house. It got them through the depression, 5 kids, 60-some years of marriage, and my grandmother's 95th birthday. So, sturdy.