Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oops. Forgot.

I moved up here exactly 3 years ago.

Cat's doing great. But Dog is slowing down. A little. I'll be honest: A slower Moonpie, even if it's just a step or two, makes me anxious and sad.


Isonomist said...

It might just be the cold, you know. We get cranky and arthritic in middle age without actually being that very old.

David Marlow said...

Hey, Iso. She loves this time of year and there's always a spring in her step during our hike out to the mailbox to return Netflix movies or Battlestar episodes. It just takes her a little more time to recover. I'm guessing this winter she'll stick a little closer to the stoves.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated B'day. -bright

David Marlow said...

Oh, right. That would explain some of those texts I got from people claiming to be my nieces and nephews.

Isonomist said...

I'll be in town Thanksgiving week, going to the Dayton VA to see my uncle in hospice. Not sure if you and bright would want to have coffee or something.

Erin said...

I would like that

Isonomist said...

So my family decided to have Thanksgiving today, which seriously ate into my free time. Now tomorrow's wide open. *sigh* No I am not going to Walmart.

Keifus said...

Hey brother, just woke up from a holiday nap, and Wifey has on The Hobbit opening sequence, dwarfs humming and all that. On the recent DVD, they do it as a tour through the Bag End set which (to my mind) should have won the Oscar on it's own, a near-perfect homey little nook. If I were Bilbo, I wouldn't've left in the first place. They're playing highlights from the score and I am there coming awake to the ...congruity of it all.

Ya came to mind a bit. Hope you're doing well, swit.


David Marlow said...

Well how about that. Netflix has me scheduled to watch that first Hobbit movie tonight. Dog and Cat are very excited.

I've been on an Austen/Downton binge for the last month. So let me just say: I wish you much joy. Looking very much forward to some good discussions in the new year. I think you'll get this, but I often feel like you and I went to the same college, had one class together the last semester of senior year (Elements of Frisbee Golf to satisfy my P.E. Credit), but didn't hang out until the graduation after parties. It's the highest of compliments. Anyways, my very best to you and those dearest to you.

P.S. Rediscovered, and can't get enough of, this gem.

Keifus said...

That works for me, and I like it. I have actually had a couple of friends like that over the years. Best to you and yours too.

I don't know if I love Downton Abbey (one of the female characters reminds me enough of someone that it's occasionally a little uncomfortable to watch), but my wife likes it, and I get no end of amusement that there's a fairly undesirable character named Bates. "No good men in the village Anna? I guess there's nothing left but Master Bates." I've actually got some tangential stuff to say about the show, that D's DVDs have made relevant again. So that should come up in a few days I guess. Also The Hobbit, which I just re-read after 30 years.

Keifus said...

P.S. I distinctly remember some co-workers from a summer job I had between college and grad school. They were heading off to see Aimee Mann, and I, having kept a pretty modest cultural horizon for some years, had never heard of her (although I could have if I'd been paying attention). I figured she was a 80s New Wave nostalgia act or something, which was really unfair of me. And I got schooled about this very thing, as I recall. Couldn't really give her a listen online in 1994 though.

These were a couple early-fortysomething guys: one was a lunatic chemist (because every plant has one), the other a sort of laid back and unambitious dude who nonetheless ran the support facility there. And it's funny to consider that I'm that same age now, and of a similar type. I should probably be seeing more concerts.

David Marlow said...

Full disclosure: I don't care for Aimee's latest record.

Having said that, know-it-alls like me couldn't be bothered to refrain from our Seattle worship long enough to pay attention, even that close still to the mid-90s, to a song like "That's Just What You Are".

Sure, it's pop-y as all get out. But it has chord progressions familiar enough to draw you in, but these unique left turns that keep you listening. E.g.:
||G///||Em///||Bm///||D///|| on the verses;
||G///||F///||Am///||C/D/|| as the chorus hook;
and just a great turnaround and minibridge. I'd go so far as to say that it comes dang close to a near joy/melancholy fusion.
Also, that she's 6 feet tall and has a minor role in The Big Lebowski doesn't hurt.

Downton. I'm hoping if you're unable to refrain from the Master Bates remark during the show that you're receiving a sharp elbow to the rib cage. The show's a soap opera, on par with Dynasty or Falcon Crest. It's just that the acting is about 20 times better while the writing is about 35 times better.

N.B. Not an excuse, but in my defense of Seattle at the time, I submit drummers who know what cymbals are for.

Keifus said...
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Keifus said...

Huh. I always thought they were just symbolic in that one. *Ducks.*

Meant to tell you before that I had no idea that was Ms. Mann in Lebowski. It pretty much cements her cool chick cred, as far as I'm concerned.

David Marlow said...

"Huh. I always thought they were just symbolic in that one."

[cricket chirp]

From the first frame of her first appearance, there's just something about Mary.

Keifus said...

Yeah. (Thanks.)

I always feel guilty when I look forward to television, but tomorrow's as good as these things get. between football (the other half of my family is in Seattle, as these things happen) and the PBS hit series (two hours of sheock too), I'm gonna have to make sure I'm adjudted periodically in the la-z-boy to prevent bedsores.