Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stupid Dumbass Paul Thomas Anderson On Fresh Air

Podcast worthy. Because he seems to say so little while at the same time conveying even less. And vice versa. Which makes the whole ironicality of his art that much more severe considering his movies are so profound.


bright said...

So it turns out that getting a new coworker that you really admire and enjoy can be a lot like ditching your friends at lunch in junior high for that one dude.


I just realized that I haven't been here for like a month and that is not cool. Please accept my apology.


David Marlow said...

Some Thoughts On The First Debate

I don't know.

But on Battlestar, what would appear to be Kobol is surrounded by beau coup cylons, so Starbuck breaks protocol and beats cheeks faster than light style back to the Caprican wasteland to retrieve the arrow of Appollo in order to bring it back to Kobol in order to find Earth, THE 13TH COLONY!

Hi. I had to correct that stutter.

David Marlow said...

From what I heard on the news today about the debate, it sounds like Mitt performed like a well-oiled machine.

Michael said...

Mitt performed like a guy who changes his message to suit his audience, who, at the moment are the undecideds. How anyone can be undecided at this point is beyond me, but apparently they're out there and Mitt fed them a steady stream of pure bullshit. Seeing as that's been the Romney game plan since Iowa's etch-a-sketch, let's start over, never mind what I said yesterday, this is what I'm saying today, tactics were first unveiled, I have no idea how Obama wasn't expecting him to do more of same but he apparently wasn't so he didn't call bullshit. I expect Obama to be a bit more combative in the next 2 debates, but honestly ...do people really need Barack Obama to call Mitt Romney a liar in a presidential debate to know that Mitt Romney is a liar?

David Marlow said...

Well, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, or in Mitt's case, the humming transistor gets the soldering iron. And you should know of all people that those Chicago guys can manipulate any numbers, especially employment numbers. Geez. CHEATERS!

Michael said...

Only the modern GOP could find a dark lining to silver clouds like dead Bin Laden & an encouraging jobs report. Chicago Style deep dish book cooking! What a bunch of bags.

David Marlow said...

Michael, with things leveling off, including the meds which I've been off for months now, I miss the moments of euphoria. Now it seems to be a matter of staying positive and ignoring the voices that are telling me I'm cured. I assume you're getting this cold rain. First real stove test this weekend. So far not great, but it'll be insulation and draft duty this weekend. But take a wild guess as to just exactly where dog is laying at this very moment.

I wish I could fudge the numbers of my finances the way you and your Chicago president do, because there's another Ford F150 for sale down the road. 1989, 4WD, etc., they want $1500 for it. I'll go look at it. I'm so weak.

Michael said...

It's not a wild guess David, I know with absolute certainty that Moon was on the floor, directly in front of the heat source. Paws forward, chin resting in elbow crook. Eyebrows occasionally doing the Belushi.

F-150 4WD for 1500 is tough to pass up, unless of course it's not a runner.

Chicago president? If the Chicagoan in the Obama household had debated Romney, she'd have hammered him into submission and made him like it. She'd have given him that look, that -"Oh no you didn't just say that about health care and tax cuts on my 20th wedding anniversary"- look and Romney would have started blushing and stuttering and stammering until finally nodding his head and admitting he was lying all along. "She got me good Jim. Of course I've been talking about cutting taxes for 5 years now. How did I think I could get away with that on her 20th anniversary? She wanted to be out celebrating with her husband, but instead she had to come to Denver and listen to me spout nonsense that Paul Ryan told me to say this morning. I'm an empty suit, and she rocks that outfit. I'm full of shit, and that woman is The Truth! Can we just stop now please? I don't think I can take 89 more minutes of this."

Euphoria is overrated my friend. It's brief, and it's always followed by the nosedive. Level flight is where it's at.

Did you hear about Felix Baumgartner? He's putting on an Apollo-type pressurized suit, climbing inside a pressurized capsule that is suspended under a giant fucking weather balloon, and ascending to 120,000ft over Roswell, NM. At that altitude, he's going to jump out of the capsule. So far, it seems perfectly sane, right? Felix is hoping to achieve a new human speed record, and perhaps even break the sound barrier during his free fall before deploying a series of parachutes that will first slow his descent, and then gently float him back to the Earth's surface. It was scheduled for Monday morning, but they've postponed it until Tuesday due to expected...wait for it...high winds. I'm sure he'll feel very alive for the first minute or so of his descent,...euphoric even, but if those chutes don't deploy just right, and he sort of, you know, augers into the ground, that'll be some short-lived euphoria.

rundeep said...

Saw the Master on Friday. Much better than "There Will Be Blood" if you ask me which you did not. Joaquin Phoenix is an actual revelation. PTA still has no idea how to end a movie, though. He needs to hire an actual screenwriter instead of relying on himself all the time. I'm okay with his sort of plotlessness, but I hate that the movies don't really end sensibly. Also, my new Netflix obsession is Breaking Bad, which I never watched before. Holy hell is that a great show. I'm now in Season 3 and it is just so compelling.

Enjoy the first use of the stove. We have ours on this AM.


David Marlow said...

1. I have to stop thinking I'd be happier if I were just somewhere else and work harder trying to be less miserable where I am.
2. Alcohol is as crafty as a humanoid Cylon.
3. If my life turns out to be a sort of made for TV movie about an old man who talks to his dog, that would be fine, as long as I'm played by a taller Greg Kinnear.
4. I had to stop Breaking Bad at the end of Season 3.
5. Magnolia is the greatest movie made that has the stupidest ending ever.
6. Ben Folds on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me this weekend.
7. Neil Armstrong was just a guy who flew stuff. We need more humility.

Michael said...

David~ Why miserable in Pequa? I think it sounds like a great adventure, and some much needed solitude. I'm envious.

Before I shitcanned Facebook, I almost asked you if you've ever been told you look like Kinnear but I thought maybe it was just one picture. Hey David, has anyone ever told you that you look like Greg Kinnear?

Armstrong, Lovell, Collins. 3 of my great heroes, because they had balls the size of the Moon and yet they remained humble despite idiots like me treating them like they're heroes.

Michael said...

BTW- MM...how was Phil Hoffman in Master? I dig me some Phil Hoffman.

rundeep said...

PSH is awesome also, truly. And Amy Adams holds her own with those guys. But Phoenix is otherworldly. DM, sorry man didn't think about the Breaking Bad implications. Solitude is great except that you have to live with yourself. You need a foray to a city, just to help you figure out where you stand. Can you do a weekend somewhere? New york, Chicago, Philly, Cleveland (?) Where there's stuff to do and meetings to attend and support for your sobriety?

David Marlow said...

Moving up here two years ago was the right thing to do. Actualizing my potential as a severe alcoholic was, what my dad would've called, uh, bad judgement.

Staying at Al's was good. Leaving was better.

I bought the '89 Ford today. The old guy I bought it from gave me a little tour of his place. Sits off the road, Spring Creek bend way in back, meadow, woods, even a little cabin he built on a ledge. Just real pretty. Offered him a thousand for the truck.

This place might as well have a giant target on the west side for the winter wind to aim at because it sits on a little knoll. No woods of my own, no creek, just house and meadow and corn and bean fields.

But it's enough because it has to be. I can't have everything I want right away, if ever. There's my dad again. Mom saw me living in the woods next to a river. I have to have the patience to say and know, Not yet.

Mood swings. I'm only 16 months or so sober, and this place is a blessing. And for once in a long time I actually have to commit to something, stay with it, not give up, failing that, try harder.

And, maybe more often now than ever, let myself feel pretty good about things knowing that I've done more in the last nine months than I have in the last nine years. But sometimes that only goes so far.

And The Eagles defense sucks.

PTA on PSH: "He can... do anything."

Michael said...

Nice job on the F-150. Great trucks.

16 months sober & 9 months into the new homestead. That's fantastic.

As Lily T once said..."Be proud of yourselfya, could be Philadelphia." (Sorry Eagles, but he's right. That D is awful. Offense not much better.)

David Marlow said...

Podcast-esque Fresh Air today. Ties back in to this weekend's TAL. You know the story: comedienne gets diagnosed with cancer a few days before a show and has a non-meltdown. With a cameo by Louise SeeKaye The Third. Post Op starts at 8 tonight.

rundeep said...

D is much improved, stat-wise, and they did okay with the Steelers till those last few minutes. Even then, the Rapist saved the game by being able to throw off balance. O is horrible -- correction, Vick is horrible. I always knew he was a head case, and athleticism doe tend to weaken with age. We will not see him another season, at least. Can't wait for Andy Reid to be fired also.
PS I'm not saying you should leave forever, I think it's good for you. Obviously. But everything in it's time, and everything includes the company of other humans who are actually alive and breathing. Don't say no because you are afraid, say no because you aren't ready.

Michael said...

Piqua even. God my spelling sucks sometimes.