Friday, October 12, 2012

Thoughts On The Vice Presidential Debate

Something something missed it something.
Former Saved By The Bell cast member Paul Ryan is a skeezy twerp.

Anyways, the Pegassus is real, and the fleet is united. Or are they? And for how long? A squeemish episode referencing gang rape of the enemy, begging the question, I guess humanity is its own worst enemy yet again already, making this the greatest tv show ever. Except for Cheers. And The office.


Keifus said...

I never watched more than an episode. Like other popular dramas, I was never convinced that they had any particular direction in mind as the plot evolved, and wanted to trust them for that before I committed. Also, I never could remember when it was on.

I figure I got to sneak some viewing in at some point or other.

David Marlow said...

At the very least, taking a look at the 4 hour miniseries is well worth the investment. It has an ending for the most part, but it sent me waiting at the mailbox for the first season.

I get the feeling that the Cylons have a plan, and maybe even the writers did. I hate series like this that get lazy for the big picture and lose patience in favor of a smaller world. Having said that, Season 1 is very rewarding.

Acting, good. Stories, very good. Music, unique and quite good, at times excellent. Photography, above average. The geopolitical references are just transparent enough not to be cliche, but that could be because I'm watching a series that's nearly 10 years old.

1. Consider the source, obviously.
2. I thought the original series stupid after having seen The Star Wars.
3. Moonpie dog is a Cylon.
4. Though I may think my standards impossibly high, spending as much time alone as I do is making me a little squirrelly.
5. Many colonials died for this information.

Anonymous said...

BSG is one of those things I should have watched but never did. Mike watched Caprica on hulu until it was cancelled. I always like Mary McDonnell.

E, who has too many Google login names nowadays and doesn't feel like logging in and out again.

David Marlow said...

I sure am gonna miss all the Brown v. Mandel commercials.

Anonymous said...

Our Senate races have gotten worse every year. Hyatt-Voinovich started it, DeWine ramped it up, and now we're just in putrid cesspool mode. I like Sherrod Brown, but it sucks that he went negative.


David Marlow said...

On my way to Home Depot today, I heard part of the debate on WYSO. Brown sounds competent, Josh quite a bit twerpish.

Sidney is a nice little town, considering. And there's a new Tractor Supply right off 47. I may end up owing them some money.

bright said...

Hey, happy b'day. Sorry I forgot to say it, I was even here on the day.

David Marlow said...

45. No biggie. Got the requisite texts from nieces, nephews, in laws, and siblings, minus one. But still miss the card with the check for 40 smackers from mom, and a note about what the dog did the day before. I suspect on some plane of existence, they see June 10 as more significant as well.

rundeep said...

Hey, you, Happy Belated. All the best. We're proud of you out here in the Internets.