Thursday, June 9, 2011

well crud.

thought i could do this on my own. don't think i can. jess and jane came by today and mowed. and mr. hill got his corn planted. hot, but a great breeze.


bright said...

Hi hon,

We're here. What do you need help with?

E & Co.

rundeep said...

Yep. What's the "on my own" problem. Farming or other stuff?

topazz said...

switters, quit being so damn cryptic. Seriously, we're not on the fray anymore. Just say it.

Keifus said...

Can only conclude from the title that he's cleaning a well. It's a tough, dirty job.

bright said...

Well, I am not going to help clean a well. I'll contribute to the switters cleans a well [and concert for burma] fund (tm), though.

He should probably drive 2 hours north and come see some quality youth musical theatre this weekend. That'll get his mind off the well crud.

Cindy said...

Oh good, Keifus! I constantly miss the obvious, so glad to have you straighten that out!

Switters, you're not alone, even when you think you are. Not sure I can be much help regarding cleaning a well, but I have seen numerous small farms in NE where they use horses to work the land.

Horses seem to be very companionable. Somewhat like wonderful dogs.

And family.