Thursday, June 16, 2011

just back from rehab/detox.

fun week. currently staying with al and lisa on their small cattle farm in mount gilead. moonpie is here. will be here indefinitely. i'm on anti-anxiety anti-depressants. very weak.

i have a great family but would appreciate some good vibes.

your friend.


Cindy said...

Hey my friend! Sending you some very good vibes indeed. Sounds like you're on the road.

Quite a few of my wonderful, beloved family have been where you are. And, they are thriving I'm sure you will too.

None of us has to do it alone, in fact, I don't think anyone can. But with the right balance of friend, family and higher power of some sort, it's possible.

I'm in PEI, sort of slouching about in winter clothes, in 53 degree weather feeling very much like a Floridian who is playing serious hooky from school.

We're eating too much.

Loving the heirloom tomatoes, gorgeous flowers, and very nice and polite Canadians (here on the East they are still nice and polite).

I'm glad to hear from you.

Sending you some love along with the vibes.


Cindy said...

Bloomsday. A good day for your particular post, eh?

bright said...

Thank God you're [t]here.

Grace & peace, my dear.

rundeep said...

All the best. We're here for you.

Michael said...

Hi buddy. Glad to hear you're taking control of things. As a great shrink once told me, the goal is symptom free and med free...we'll take symptom free for starters. You're lucky to have friends who love you, and family you can depend on. You'd do the same for them if the shit was on the other shoe or however that goes, but still....Al & Lisa. Good people.

Sometime this summer you should take a relaxing road trip, and come listen to some great music in the park. Give Moonpie a "Good doggie" for me okay?

rundeep said...

Good Vibrations coming your way

My html skills are flagging. Thought I'd make your life easier. Sounds like you could use it.

switters said...

slept 9 hours last night.

rundeep said...

Oh man, that sounds like a great night! Hope you have another one. Sleep does wonders.

Cindy said...

Good morning, switters. Nine hours of sleep sounds like a fine start to this day!

Hope you have a good one.

topazz said...

Hi switters,

I'm so happy and relieved to read this great news. I'm sorry I sounded so snippy on that last post to you. Even though we have never met I feel such affection for you and I truly care what happens to you. You're doing the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and I hope you feel nothing but pride right now, for the courage and humility it took to reach this point. For some of us, the death of our parent(s)comes at a time in our lives when other major things are going on and it can collide and become much more life-altering, profound, and not just the sad "normal rite of passage" it appears on the surface. It was this way for me, and if not for my siblings I'd be really struggling right now. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful family - that comes through so clearly in all your writing. Keep writing, by the way. Stop thinking you aren't funny anymore - Didn't you know that it's totally impossible to lose a humor gene? Can't be done - the humor just turns into black humor (my favorite kind) Anyway, sending you lots of great vibes from Pennsylvania

Keifus said...

Good vibes? You got 'em, bro.

DragonTat2 said...

Awesome. I'm happy to send good vibes to you, switters. Every day, ODAAT.
You inspire me.


~ Susan

Isonomist said...

The antidepressants will work better soon. Just stay on them for at least 6 months. Do not fuck around with those things, and don't go off them without supervision. I will drive there personally and drag you to the dr. I mean it.

Drink extra water, they tend to dry out your mouth, and you don't want the dental problems.

Keep writing to us. We need you in our lives, or we wouldn't be here.

Penal-Colony said...

Silent lurking & cheerleading your success.