Wednesday, January 19, 2011

idol sans simon

one of the things i miss most about church are the lutheran hymns. many of them, ironically, are based on irish folk songs. few people remember that the lutheran congregation was celebrated for its ability to sing the 4 different parts. when it works, when it happens, that's church. that's redemption. i may have to find a lutheran church here in piqua, just for that sound. though it won't be the same.

i had given up on idol when simon left. but, watching the premier, i'm not so sure it's dead. on respiration, sure. but dead?

i had forgotten how smart jlo is. randy redeemed himself with his bass playing. and steve tyler knows by heart every rock song ever recorded.

fixing to be a nasty weekend here. cold, snow. 3 coyotes in the east field eyeing moonpie dog this evening. i hope she's as smart as she thinks she is. my truck is flashing 2 warning lights, but i need to get into town for supplies.

rush is kind of a butt hole. that's a compliment.


Keifus said...

Well, Idol is about the least likely show in the universe to go out with grace, decency and excellent timing (at least among those shows that pretend to have high notes, yar har), but it's fairly obvious it's past its peak. I don't miss Simon's input here in the humiliation rounds, but it'll be more conspicuously absent as the show wanders ahead.

Reluctant impressions: Tired of seeing young kids with good voices but no singing chops. I keep thinking that jumping on the show at a young age is a good way to short-circuit a potential music career. The spazzy girl was hard to watch, but I kept thinking she'd be awesome fronting a girl rock or punk band. I wouldn't let Steven Tyler (most original and distinctive style in the music business? Has anyone spoken to Mick Jagger about that?) within ten miles of my, or anyone else's, underage daughter.

Keifus said...

...or son for that matter. Watch out for those damn coyotes.

Michael said...

From what I can gather, JLo is among the least sadistic people in the universe. If she's having this hard of a time giving the boot to contestants, just wait until the finals.

switters said...

keif, i was surprised at steve's engaging participation, his humor, and his creepiness that gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "barely illegal", which i coined, again. all things considered had a good though brief roundtable that basically concluded that without simon idol has very little artistic integrity [cough]. i'll probably stick with it just for emotional continuity.

michael, it might be that jlo is unused to both rejection and rejecting. but it might also be that they're setting us up for a dramatic breakdown. or both. jess came over last saturday; we talked farming. it's now 10 degrees with half a foot of snow, windy, and bitter cold. i've got my burpee's seed catalogue close just for protection.

Keifus said...

I bet the snow that just buried you Ohians (Ohioans?) is what's coming my way tonight. I have a phone conference at 9 o'clock. Gonna do it in my pajamas.

switters said...

keif, we're sending it your way. nbc thursday is... compelling. but shoving in lame shows between great shows is a sign of desperation. moonpie dog i think is beginning to realise she can't hang with vermin.

Michael said...

JLo to Randy "You've been going this for 10 years?" She might go ellen on us.

Coyotes have a bounty on them in Grundy Cty (30 mins sw of chi) $15 from animal control for every pair of ears. Killing cows and shit. Tell that dog of yours to be careful dude.

It's been 15,000 miles or so including 3755 miles to the Grand Canyon and back with a "check engine" light on. I fixed it myself with a small strip of electrical tape over the light.

We're expecting a high of 9 tomorrow, wind chills around -25.

rundeep said...

I refuse to watch. Just can't go there anymore. Instead, I'm working off my insomnia watching live Australian Open matches. Sharapova is currently in trouble agaist a gorgeous Goerges, and Roger looks like he should be wearing an ascot.

switters said...

michael, i think it's an electrical problem. not quite in the budget, if you know what i mean. but being snowed in with truck problems makes me nervous. the coyotes seem to be getting comfy; al says i need a .22. i think he's right.

rundeep, i don't get that tennis channel. hope the sleep problem is not related to your mom. what keeps me up is my dwindling wood pile. time to fire up the chainsaw.

rundeep said...

Get a .22 and another dog. They will try to pick on a loner, but are less likely to muck with a pack.

It's not tennis channel, it's ESPN covering the matches live. It was good. Mom drove herself home for a few days, so it's just us and our animals. So far, chemo seems to be going well. We're just taking one day at a time.