Sunday, January 16, 2011

golden globes

say what you will, but you just have to admire ricky's fearlessness. i know i do.


Michael said...

I always enjoy Ricky. And I love Bobby De Niro as much as anybody, but that man never seems to be enjoying himself. Late night talk shows, SNL, awards shows...he always looks uncomfortable when he's live.

switters said...

where is he? did they pull him? ricky? there he is. i think the only one who really knows bob is ben stiller.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Too bad Ricky can't be doing a little commentary on the Bachelor. Holy shit, you watch this? This is eye torture. Somewhere between the intimate kiss with Michelle on the balcony and the rose going to Shawntel, I started wanting them all to fall off the fucking balcony.

Emily is so not impressed by the yellow MG trip out to the vineyard. she seems distant. She must have a secret. A hidden past. As he ran to the car to get a sweater, and she looked wistfully at the horizon, a crop duster buzzed them both and unloaded some much needed pesticide.

Meanwhile, back in the pool with the 8 pairs of enhanced boobs....

Michael said...

Michelle: Brad, I don't like knowing that you're kissing other girls. Explain yourself.

Brad: You know I think you're terrific Michelle. But it's a TV show about me kissing other girls.

Michelle: Oh. Hug?

Brad: Of course.

You know, I love having Michelle wanting my time. I love it. But Emily and Shawtel and Shantel and Ashley H and....will you excuse me, I have some other hot babes to kiss.