Sunday, February 12, 2012


sorry about the spelling.
just a couple quickies. it makes me chortle that katie perry was terrified of her parents' finding out that she was going to get D-I-V-O-R-C-E'd but she's perfectly comfortable up there on the stage re-enacting MATRIX 4HORE's s&m scene in front of 14.8 trillion people. chortle. adele is a musician's singer, and i'm sick and tired of all these goddamn limies with their perfect time feels. (see also christopher martin and joss stone) it also makes me guffaw to see her just kind of stand there and sing without all those faggotted dancers gyrating to last year's cheese, literally. follow that, skeeziks! then there's that one old guy who used to be a beetle. beatle. beetle? also, i don't like to hate, but i really do hate sarah palin. and i wouldn't have turned away had she made her grammy debut in the BEST IGNORANT TWAT CATCHING ON FIRE EXPLODING category. oh well. and finally, consider mitt singing "oh beautiful" and fletch singing the national anthem and then saying, "that's right, i said it, hug a cop." now figure out which is funnier. also, whitney was a singer's singer, and that douche nozzled talentless bobby brown got her hooked on the junk and she never got off it. she went from genius to punchline well on her way to where are they now status. too bad she was the first pop star to dare to hit the middle of the note since karen carpenter, and that they both got killed by rolling stone and rolling stones: karen by her mom, and whitney by a house nigger. (see also etta james) lastly, glen/glenn campbell seemed always to be on the radio when dad and i took road trips. good guitar player, bad coke head. i blame tanya, also devoid of talent. glenn's forgotten more about country music than we'll ever learn, or he'll ever remember. (see also bad taste) and one more thing: i have a great deal of affection for all you guys. we'll get through this. but fuck is it cold.


Keifus said...

Yeah, I didn't watch it. I haven't been playing much mando anymore because it pisses off my wife, but I do appreciate it that Taylor Swift has one in her crew usually. Maybe I'll get a bass and learn how to not play that very well instead, let her get pissed at that instead.

I came in late to the other thread, but it doesn't matter, as I can't offer much positivity at the moment. I feel alone and apart more or less as a rule, with a few upward blips now and again, and it's not always bad, and I had a solitary trip last week (longish drive out to Nowhereville, New York, for work), which in my current emotional state had me at about even odds of going serene or going batty. Turned out the latter: on the way home I somehow hit managed to hit the perfect storm of regret and anger, a combination of the sound track, location, and the current subject and tone of the brain-babble. Kept it all in too, until I got set off later at home by some utterly trivial shit, and, rather out of character, I put my fist through my bedroom door. (There was considerably more give in that thing than I anticipated, one of those fine, suburban, home-depot, pressed-cardboard specials.)

I got punished, sort of, by having to replace all the interior doors in the upstairs of my home, which is going to cost me a small fortune, but it gave me some manual labor to absorb myself in, which isn't a bad thing.

I can't seem to write about shit anymore either, which is frustrating. Nothing I'd blog about is very inspiring. Therapy? I'm far too bothered by the idea of paying people to be my friend.

Anyway, you're not the only one, man. Not sure how much that helps, and I realize that pissy isn't how folks here generally prefer to think of me. I guess I can say that sure, it goes up and it goes down, but you know that already.


Cindy said...

Hey keifus -

I don't know about all folks, but you don't have to be perky for me.

Personal weather systems. That's how I see these things. Sometimes we're living in our own personal hurricane, tsunami or whatever.

It is not always sunny.

I hope your fist is okay.

Manual labor is good. Really good.

It gets better.

Cindy said...

switters -

You are single-handedly causing me to re-evaluate Glenn Campbell.

No small feat.

Keifus said...

Thanks Cindy. I worry more and more it's not the climate, but lets hope it's not. The fist opened right back up though. I'm not remotely a violent person, but I stomp around a little now and then, which is what this was.

But one thing about y'all, I often wonder there's not some familiar demons in all of us. (Well, maybe not in you, but in all us borderline fuckup types. Okay, so maybe that's just me and switters. Or maybe just me.) Anyway, you gotta admit it's an unconventional way to make friends.

But carpentry is good. Replaced the hollow doors with heavy pine ones (itself with problems: they look really nice unfinished over the floors for now, and I guess I'll put on the polyurethane and leave 'em as requested, but pine isn't my favorite material by any means, and I will enjoy the orange-ing over the years, in the sad likelihood we stay in our crappy burg for that long). And it's the expected can o' worms. Had to replace the frame for one of them, and now the other jambs look like crap next to it, and so does the molding, and so on, and eventually will get to the point where I wonder where the money all went.

Not a bad price to pay to be busy though.

Cindy said...

Indeed. Carpentry seems to be one of the great labors. I mean, really. Can you imagine a world where you don't even know the difference between Pine and Teak? Or where you didn't even know you had a preference for Cherry?

I think some of the large paper mills and lumber yards must be soul killing as everything is reduced to some marketable, sellable commodity. Probably like writing technical manuals when you have a lot of stories inside.

My dad is 78 years old. He graduated from college at 65 and last week he published a book (which is for sale on Amazon) about the commercial fishing industry on whose behalf he has worked since 1963.

He loves making small tables for family members.... each one just right for setting right beside a favorite chair to hold a cup of coffee and a good book.

I offer this as a tiny flame of hope. It is never too late. For anything.

And, yeah, the demons are familiar. VERY familiar!

Cindy said...

Speaking of the Grammys:

switters said...

well, my pipes have been frozen since saturday. i'm hoping to collect enough water to flush the toilet this afternoon. be on the lookout for the youtube video.

what does matt dillon say in there's something about mary? "feels good to get my hands on the old wrenches again."

always having something to do is a blessing for me because i'm my own worst critic and enemy when i'm idle.

Keifus said...

Hey at this rate, maybe in my seventies I'll be living the life I should have in my thirties.

Sorry to hijack your thread, swits. It's a good thing you're growing tomatoes from seed most of the year. But the winters? Get the hair drier out, man, or maybe the propane torch, and get to work. And if you're forced outside, remember, it's easier to clean up when everything's still frozen. Or, uh, so I heard.

switters said...

well, the pipes are thawed but no water. so the pump's broke. great. a year ago i would've drank the problem away creating 18 more problems. now it's just that my tomorrow is busy. i don't mean to keep bringing up sobriety as some sort of currency. but it's the most valuable currency i have right now. that and my collection of useless old door hardware. doesn't mean i haven't punched through a couple walls this week and made up an entire new language composed of the foulest profanity since deadwood. but it has a nice lilt and rhymes a lot.

bright said...

remember last year and all the SNOMG!?

Anyway, I volunteered to lead this 5K for kids training program (don't ask why? I don't know) and wound up with the Bad News Bears, Walter Matthau edition, and the Park guy didn't actually read the manual on how to schedule the program so we don't really have a gym, we just get whatever leftover space is open and all the open gym guys are like bitch get these kids out of here I need to pretend I'm shooting the winning shot so that hot cheerleader will marry me.

I haven't wanted to smoke this bad in 2.5 years. You pray for me and I'll do the same for you.

rundeep said...

Hi kids! I watched the Grammys and regretted it. Except can I tell you I actually had a crush on Glenn for the longest time. And I still think Wichita Lineman is one of the best damn songs in the entire American songbook and that his version is definitive. It was amazing that in a show with so much autotune lipsynching horse hockey that a guy with Alzehimer's (sp) could show us what it was like to actually sing in tune, delivering a performance. Adele is of course very big in my house (my 15! year old sings it a lot and so do I. ) and I was happy to see that she is everything when singing live I would hope.

Just bought Coldplay tickets for July. A 16th birthday present for the kid. Is it okay if I admit I actually like that band?

We;ve had no winter at all and I really miss it. Go figure.

bright said...

Hey are we liveblogging the Oscars here or what's the plan? As per usual, I didn't see any of the movies and thus will be able to offer very little cogent commentary.