Sunday, February 13, 2011

lady gaga

ignorant, talentless, dangerous. almost as dangerous as that bieber punk. a poor man's prince. a rich man's elton, who hasn't written a decent song since '74. i'll take the real deal: janelle monae.


Michael said...

I hear Janelle thinks she's a lot like Obama.

Speaking of artists I'd never heard of before, what's the story on this Corrine Bailey Rae?

I saw her sing Blackbird to Obama and thought she's got a nice voice. Click

Oh and, Lady Gaga is Amy Winehouse to me. Also, Bieber's movie is opening at the Pickwick down the street. Lines outside. Believe that shit?

Michael said...

Oops, forgot the link.

switters said...

janelle's moment is "tightrope". good video. she's ignored for some reason. pipes. that's what it comes down to.

bieber is an abomination, and proof that the grammys has always been some sick publicity stunt.

you thawed out up there?

topazz said...

I'm up to here with all the fierce gay backup dancers and choreography, choreography for everyone! Cut us a break. And although I love Alicia Keyes, I hated "Empire State of Mind" (sorry JayZ, but your rap rings a little false)

Michael said...

That's the thing that keeps me from keeping up on young talent. I feel like they're trying to market me some crap like Gaga or Bieber. I count on people like you to feed me the goods.

Almost 50 outside today brother. Puddle City. I can deal with puddles. Oh man is it nice to open a window. Same temps there right?

switters said...

miss topazz, white fang? white fang? have you SEEN the movie!?!?!? jay z forgot to listen to mike d, adrock and mca. also, really can't shake the notion of dads everywhere searching for something to do. i hate to say it, but katy perry is more authentic than this gaga person.

mike, would you do me the honor of telling your mom that david marlow says hey? seriously. and that bob dylan has been irrelevant for 35 years.

Michael said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to include this above. I think you'll enjoy it. Greg Kot is a customer of mine. He was on the radio this week talking about the Grammys. Something to the effect that 90% of the awards are given out before the show, and the TV coverage is more like a variety show. He agrees with you about Monae, but he doesn't think she'll win.

The Kot/Monae interview

Michael said...

I'll tell her buddy, and thanks.

Michael said...

Hey that Lady Antebellum has a nice voice. (Told ya I'm completely out of touch)

bright said...

Oh it's a Grammy.

Planted seeds today with my 8 & 9 year-olds in Sunday School. Parable of the Sower.

topazz said...

my dad resurfaced today sober and no worse for wear, with a new purpose: intent on attacking the "insurance paperwork" (there is a mountain of it, thank god) As long as he has these sort of heavy tasks in front of him he'll be fine, but there's only about a month's worth of paperwork. He's coming over for dinner tomorrow night. I'm going to teach him how to use the internet. Again. In other news: younger daughter called, got cited for underage drinking at a party last night at Penn State...

Cindy said...

topazz.... you need my phone number.

Michael said...

Correction: It's Esperanza Spalding who Kot thinks should win Best New Artist, but he doesn't expect her to. He's also surprised that Mumford and Son got a nom.

switters said...

joline. i grew up with that song. coat of many colors. keith urban is a real good guitar player.

sara watkins. singer/fiddle player. her brother sean is a great guitar player.

topes, nip it in the bud.

bright? that parable already? also, i'm going to watch chronicles of riddick again. can you explain it to me? tia won't.

music isn't a commodity. it's a salve, a cure. why do these silly people think they matter?

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Rhonda & The Rage

switters said...

rihanna (sp?), eminem, dr dre. well done. em is angry, and he's a butthole. but he's a poet, for better or worse. but that bit was kind of a finger to "the man". whoever he is. mike, thank god spaulding beat out beaver. remember that em was making that stuff up on the mic when he was just a kid.

rap. chuck d, snoop, flav, bb's, nwa, oh well.

marylin (sp?) monroe had a beautiful singing voice.

Michael said...

I'd never heard of her until Kot predicted she'd get Biebered. Good for her. And it wasn't just Chicago TV, they were bleeping Em right?

switters said...

no, they had their finger on the bleep button as soon as em showed up with faith hill.

mick jagger: saddle bag with eyes. ("city slickers") retire, mick. you could never sing.

alice in chains, nirvana, temple of the dog, blind melon, lauren hill, pearl jam, the carpenters, justin timberlake? where are they?

Michael said...

Hey good for Marshall Mathers. I don't care too much for him either, but he's got skeelz.

Swit~ Did you know you can plug your full-size keyboard and a real monitor into your netbook? I've got a wireless mouse/keyboard coming out of 1 USB port, and a 15" monitor jacked out of this thing too. It's like, a computer again.

Penal-Colony said...

Ah, life's too short to be having yourself a 'gaga day' ... so say I not knowing the first thing about her ladyship.

It's Abbe May & LaVern Baker for me. Oh yea, throw in a hint of Rory too.

switters said...

mike, i've always liked slim shady. he's a thug, but at least a thug with a messsage. really windy here today. supposed to take the truck in to see what the deal is. keep your fingers crossed for someone on a fixed income.

john, even your drunks are poets. there's a lutheran hymn called "lord of all hopefulness" based on an irish folksong. it's my favorite. also, about a month ago, this dude was playing guitar and singing on a show called "world cafe". now i don't know if you're familiar with zeppelin (sp?), but he was playing "black mountainside"; turns out jim page was ripping him off. i've gotten soft; fire good.

Keifus said...

I got kind of bored of her way back when she was called "Madonna." As music, not so much to speak of (although I've admitted to liking v.1.0 in some contexts), but as entertainment, it's a sort of distilled quirky and smutty (not Smutty) style, filled with more je ne sais quoi than, uh, I don't know what actually.

My daughter went with her friends to see the Bieber movie yesterday. To watch it for the unintended humor. She claims.

Despite a wealth of personal observations, I have come to no conclusions on high-functioning alcohol use.

You guys be well, okay?

rundeep said...

World Cafe -- you know where that comes from don't you? WXPN, Philadelphia. My favorite station. Which has featured the Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons locally well before they were grammy darlings.

As those of these people unfortunate enough to be my FB friends know, I actually was the parent chaperone for a Jingle Ball and actually saw the Bieb lip-synch live! Truth is, he's irritating, but not untalented. Good dancer, and writes great little-girl hooks. He has the potential for a long career, and actual growth, if he can get over himself. (See Timberlake, J.)

Gaga has something, but she's given it up for the purpose of re-creating Madonna's career, voice and music, (almost measure for measure). I wasn't always a fan of the M, but I recognized her as original. Gag? I'm over her already. I secretly love Katy Perry. She has a voice, a look, and some writing talent. Unlike Gaga, she's in on the joke.

I thought Mick looked great -- still the best front man evuh. John Mayer needs a Silkwood, but he and Urban are both great guitar players. Eminem -- yep. I also kind of love Florence and the Machine.

And "Ef You" was far and away the best song of the year. Lady Antebellum? Please. Are American Idol voters now running the Grammies? Bleck.

Isonomist said...

Justin Beiber is a nice boy and he keeps my niece quiet at dinner.

switters said...

ladies and gentlemen, iso sums up the grammys in one sentence, without splitting an infinitive, even!

Penal-Colony said...

"Even your drunks are poets". I'd argue that they're not really poets if they're drunks, because alcoholism is a full-time profession, sometimes even a vocation. Drink is a curse. It has ruined untold numbers of lives and families. I despise it. It prevented one of my favourite poets from becoming a really great poet. It killed his genius. I hope we Irish will oneday shirk that deplorable steretype. I see alcoholics here by the droves. I view their excess as suicide by postponement. Many of them have dependent families, yet they waste the finances that ought to be going to their children on booze. I've no time for it.

switters said...

john, sorry. bad joke. i forgot that mom and dad had 4 other kids who miss them. thanks, in your way, of reminding me.

switters said...

is it wrong to name your tools? and talk to your truck?

Cindy said...

If I had a truck I'd surely name it... and I have cursed many a screwdriver and hammer that refused to do the job I wanted done.

Perhaps I should speak gentler to them?

Keifus said...

I've been known to get weird about tools too. And trucks. (Good times.)

switters said...

cindy, bit of a thaw this week. listen, i try not to be mad, but being the baby of the family sucks. 63, 68, that's young. but crying out at god does no one good. but it's not fair.

keif, i remember that piece. i'm struggling with the wisdom of it all. david castle fixed my truck. he's my mechanic. he's a good man. too few and far between. and why i moved to the middle of nowhere.

noah is married. he reploys next week.

Keifus said...

He sounds like a good guy, by the way, and good advice you gave him. Meant to say that earlier.

Cindy said...

Switters - I read a lot of Psalms. My husband is kind of required to do it for his own path, and he asked me to do it with him. So we read them aloud. Every day. Four times a day.

Let me say that there is a lot of crying out at god. And now, having done this for 18 months straight, I think it does do the psalmist good.

It has certainly done us good. We use a breviary and simply follow the pages over and over and over. Rote?, yes. Stiff and unfeeling?, some days yes. But over time, the whole experience? Amazing.

Here's one from this morning:

"I cry aloud to God,
cry aloud to God that he may hear me.
In the day of my distress I sought the Lord.
My hands were raised at night without ceasing;
my soul refused to be consoled.
I remembered my God and I groaned.
I pondered and my spirit fainted.

You withheld sleep from my eyes.
I was troubled, I could not speak.
I thought of hte days of long ago
and remembered the years long past.
At night I mused within my heart.
I pondered and my spirit questioned

"Will the Lord reject us for ever?
Will he show us his favor no more?
Has his love vanished fore ever?
Has his promise come to an end?
Does God forget his mercy
or in anger withhold his compassion?"

That's part of Psalm 77. It doesn't end there. But it sure does speak volumes. To me.

I don't see God as some guy sitting "up there" and to that person I do not think the psalmist is crying out.

The grief is bigger. So must the God be bigger.

You're right -63 and 68, that's young. Very young.