Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good To Smoke The Green Green Grass Of Home

After our mom's funeral last March, when we were sorting some things out at her West Virginia house, and it had begun to become apparent that I eventually needed to move back to the central Ohio area, Jesse and Al thought that I needed to take mom and dad's John Deere tractor, and that Al would "hold" it until I was able to take delivery.

Then I burned down the northeast pasture Easter Sunday, which Jesse was happy to share with Al.

So yesterday I sent both of them a list of things I plan on trying to get done Memorial Day weekend. This morning I got this email from Al:

The John Deere is now at the Urbana service center. I told them I'd pick it up Memorial weekend. I also told them to put fireproof belts on it, and bulk up the heat shield for re-entry.

Is it any wonder why he's my favorite brother?


Rosalind治男Garney火吟 said...
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Keifus said...

That's a good line. For personal safety, I'm not sure if one of these makes it more or less dangerous in case of fire (I could see an argument either way), but I know damn well that if I had a tractor, I wouldn't dream of piloting it without one.

(And the running water thing. That sounds important too.)

Cindy said...

Oh Switters - what a Memorial Day this is gearing up to be!!

I have relatives in Urbana ... really grate ones. And will be spending much of my June poking around Chilicothe and other moundish points. Perhaps making it up to The Angle as well (see very northeastern MN for a real hoot if you don't know "the Angle").

What a wonderful tale your life is telling!

Cindy said...

(Oh jeezus ... my relatives in Urbana are rather great, not grate)

bright said...

You missed the show this weekend in New Bremen, although I wouldn't say you missed it, if you know what I mean. (The quartet was pretty amazing, tho.)

switters said...

i'm struggling a bit. i guess i'll just miss my mom and dad for the rest of my life. they're worth it. but i really am worried about moonpie not coming in the house sunday night up north.

and i think nbc13hd is going to preempt snl because of the weather. not cool.

dagnabbit. why'd they have to raise us so well?

Cindy said...

I'm watching my parents get frailer and frailer and struggling with that.

Your words put my struggles in perspective.

Countdown's beginning ... to Memorial Day.

And beyond.

香君 said...
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