Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Memorial Day Weekend Honey-Do List

Though there's technically no "honey" in this scenario. Yet!


Anyways, I'll drive up Thursday and spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday up north. My goals:

1. Tear up carpet and subflooring in back bedroom to reveal 90-year old pine boards.
2. Clean out trash/brush in the northeast and southeast pastures.
4. Tear out cupboards in "kitchen".
5. Rip off porch on west-facing side of house.
6. RUNNING WATER!!!!!!!!!
7. Get mom's John Deere tractor running. (Al broke it. Again.)
8. Invent the first composting toilet.
9. Oh. Wait.
11. Write a bit about mom and dad every day. Just a bit.
12. Distinguish my west-central Ohio accent from affectatious southern dialect (newly aquired) so as not to be beaten up by the big kids at school.(I.e., Mambo.)

I think that's a good start.


bright said...

Stop pronouncing the letter "H" and you'll fit right in with the Daytonians. Our Senior Pastor (originally from thereabouts) often reminds us that Jesus was fully "yooman".

Safe travels to & fro, my dear.

tia said...

Save the cupboards for the "kitchen" in Alabama. Seriously. Even if they suck, at least it'll start to look like an actual kitchen someone might want to buy and cook in so you can FINALLY LEAVE BIRMINGHAM.


Just a thought.

Cindy said...

That sounds like a plan.

I especially like that by #10 Running Water gets only one exclamation point.

Oh yes, you are settling in indeed.

吳柏廷 said...

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Schmutzie said...

After that, I think you should start on the fireplace. First, you'll need to knock a hole in the wall.

There are many ways to knock a hole in the wall, and I've tried most of them. Since it's important that you learn from experience, I won't just TELL you how to knock a hole in the wall, I'll let you figure it out.

(Hint: No fire of any kind is required in knocking the hole in the wall nor in 'building' your new stone fireplace. The fire starting comes after, okay Drew Barrymore?)

Once you have knocked a hole in your wall, begin gathering large rocks from the wait, I think you're supposed to have them ready first.

(cut logs, lay gravel foundation, build cabin, install roof, cut out for windows and doors, find rocks, make mortar from seashells and moose dung, THEN knock hole in the wall...)


Before you knock the hole in your wall, collect enough large stones from the property to etc etc etc...

twif said...

you've got to work your way up to running water. start with walking water, then on to ambling water. let it mosey for awhile. it may decide to skip; this is a normal and natural rebellious phase. once your water starts jogging, you're in the home stretch and soon your water will be running all the time.

bright said...

Hope you got a few things done and had a safe trip back! (Tornadoes, and I slept right through the siren!)

Anonymous said...

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