Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Plan C, Part 2

This one's just south of Walhonding, Ohio, about 30 minutes from Jess, about an hour from Al (I know), and, believe it or not, less than 2 hours from Julie (not that that's necessarily a plus).

I've gotten to love realtor speak, especially the allcaps gambit. "BRING YOUR TOOLS AND YOUR ANIMALS! A HANDYMAN'S DREAM!!!"

Right. My dream is to fall through the floor onto a pile of asbestos.

Just 2.2 acres, it sits pretty much out in the middle of nowhere in a very pretty part of Ohio. It's priced way too high, for some reason. Al and I agreed that it's a terrible investment property, whether you planned on fixing it up to rent or dividing the lot. The reason is because there are no jobs in the area because there's nothing in the area. It's like North Central Iowa in that way, but more scenic.

Seriously thinking about offering nearly half the asking price. Nothing to lose.



Schmutzie said...

A Handyman's Dream?

Euphemism for money pit. Which is fine, as long as they're willing to move a bunch on the price. Agreed. Nothing to lose.

I'm picturing you with a bigger yard though. More room to cash in on your skeelz.

tia said...

Oh, so NOW you're getting all picky. It's just asbestos. They have lawyers for that sort of thing, don't they?

Any chance of buying adjoining land from the neighbors?

Isonomist said...

Of course, I'm looking at it thinking: not enough acreage to farm, but it's close enough to the airport you could light out any time you needed to. I live between worlds.

artandsoul said...

I've heard that writers don't need to be in the middle of things and that many of them thrive in out of the way spots.

Even traveling far and wide to get the quiet and the time to write.

Plans are great and the pictures are very nice.

I suck at geography and hadn't realized Ohio and Iowa were so close. Are the people the same? What about the crops?

bright said...


Also, saw this while visiting Grossology (which is very gross) at some children's museum in Asheville this week: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVrIyEu6h_E

twif said...

asbestoes is fine, provided it is still stable in whatever matrix it's in. it's the removal that gets it into the air. oh, and eating it is also not recommended.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Fingers crossed dude. Keep us posted please.

Pulled the other reply because nobody would have known what the hell I was talking about.

Keifus said...

Hey switters: Merry Christmas.

bright said...

Merry Christmas sweetheart. I pray you are somewhere surrounded by the ones you love, who love you.

bright said...

Happy New Year + a couple of days! Roll Tide.

Schmutz said...


Happy New Year Switters.