Monday, March 10, 2014


There's some property there I'm interested in. But mostly, being painfully, brutally honest, I miss:

1. My friends there
2. The mild winters there
3. Racism

Basically in that order.

It's an itch I may need to scratch, either to get it out of my system, or to see if I irritate it enough to let it get infected.

A road trip is being planned tentatively. Moonpie riding shotgun, Cat holding down the fort.

(Or, you know, maybe Vermont.)

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Keifus said...

I've never been to Alabama, but if you find yourself heading up to Vermont, I am smart enough to recommend waiting out dirty snow season before you go on a road trip. Winter doesn't want to let go of the northeast this year, and I can only imagine it's dragging its feet even more sulkily in points north.

I'm currently reading Gilead by Marilynn Robinson (a Rundeep selection!). It's an old man's long-form letter to his young son, chock full of understated midwest Protestant decency and lonely life observations. Seems like it might be up your alley, although maybe moreso if/when you're holed up there again and in a contemplative mood. (It's not written intensely, but I it has a gigantic emotional undercurrent, and I actually can't read very much of it at a time.)