Monday, December 24, 2012

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

The greatest Christmas song ever written. Just a few good versions. My favorite is Tony Bennett with strings. But it doesn't have the crucial original lyric: "Until then we'll have to muddle through somehow." That's the whole point of the song!

Anyways, I can't decide whether to watch It's A Wonderful Life, or Sense And Sensibility.

Big storm coming in tomorrow night. Might be another chance to give the easement a try with the plow.

Some kind of peace, any kind of contentment, to you guys and your families.

switters and Moonpie


Penal-Colony said...

Been trying to get Skype to work. That would be magical.

I like The Pogues 'Fairytale of New York'.

Wishing you well, brother.


Michael said...

David, Moonpie,John-

Merry Christmas, and happy healthy 2013.


rundeep said...

All the best. It is far and away my favorite "non-carol" song and I view Judy's as definitive, but I like maybe one or two others as well. All the best to you all. Peace and prosperity to all of you this year.

Keifus said...

Don't tell anyone, but I've really been looking forward to (or I've been trying hard to be positive about) turning over the odometer on 2012, as well as on the fourth decade. Looking to achieve an easier perspective anyway, and more happiness, which seem like good wishes for anybody.

Take care, y'all.

David Marlow said...

Whoa, guys.

Now remember, in case I haven't said it enough over the last 8 years, that I used to drive a shuttle bus in Winter Park, CO. So I know me some snow.

But until now I've never lived at the end of a 1/2-mile easement. That runs east to west. The majority of which has 0 protection from trees. And "breezy" here is "windy" most other places.

So, while a foot of newly fallen snow brings out the child in all of us, I wish a foot of snow and straight line winds would bring out the inner competent snowplowman in yours truly.

I.e., with falling temperatures and more snow coming, unless yours truly can get his angles and arcs right, we're here for the foreseeable future.

However, to see Moonpie going White Fang all up in the meadows and bean fields, while yours truly is digging out his truck, made it all worthwhile, and then some.

Keifus said...

The Dark Knight Rises:

- The drum stuff is everywhere, now that I've gone and noticed it. Thanks again, you bastard.

- There's a scene, where (the) Batsman is losing his mojo, in which they completely subtract the musical score (leaving only the thwap-thwap typewriter sound effects). Blatant.

- What's that you were saying about Anne Hathaway? I don't know how well she carried it, but I loved her character. I was on the side of the underground movement for the first hour of the movie.

- Some problems with setup regarding the other lovely female lead. No chemistry at all with Christian "no, Batman is chaste!" Bale, and she leaves us with an un-forshadowed reveal. Underutilized, in all.

- The Gotham Rogues are the (uncredited) Pittsburgh Steelers. My dear wife recognized Hines Ward.

- She also recognized that Joseph "Robin" Gordon-Levitt is the same cop from Terminator 2. Wish I didn't get that connection. I think the kid's pretty great, actually.

- Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman have both gained power as they have gotten older, and tend to improve every movie they're in. (And all the other ones sucked in spite of them.) Putting them in the same flick together might have provided the power that could have exploded Gotham city. (Also, is Gene Hackman still alive or what?)

- Not polyisobutylene. That's a kind of rubber. You actually put shreds of rubber (as well as things like powdered aluminum) in rocket fuel, but uh, it's not an explosive. That really pissed me off.

Happy new year, bro.


David Marlow said...

Ah. Netflix tells me it's a long wait for Rise of the Dark Bat. I'm very excited. AnneHath rules all.

But your welcome!

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Cute, sweet, touching, melancholy. But for me, how could the pairing of Michael Scott and Lizzie Bennett go wrong? With a cameo by Patton Oswalt.

With sincere affection for you and your family this year. Looking very much forward to some good music talks in 2013. Truly, because it keeps me thinking about what is becoming crucial to me, and I find myself more and more lost in the language of chords and melody and voicing and counterpoint. Healthy for me right now, you know?

rundeep said...

Happy New Year.

David Marlow said...

Miss Deep, they may have sped up, but that's what singers do, and they found their groove. That's the sweetest, coolest, most understatedly awesome thing I've seen this holiday season. Thank you, but you already knew that.

topazz said...

Happy New Year, everybody! I hold such great affection for each and every one of you, and even if we never meet in person, I'm grateful for your presence here in this spacey netherworld.

rundeep said...

AnneHath btw is AWESOME in Les Miz. Honestly. A few centimeters east of scenery chewing? Yes, but still good.
Love you all. By the way, deep junior is in the very early stages of thinking about college, which mostly seems to be based on how good their a capella groups are, and I'm thinking there are worse criteria.

Anonymous said...

I maintain a Nelson Muntz-like devotion to Andy Williams and all that he brings to Christmas music. He just seems so damn glad to be there.

Happy Holidays to all!

rundeep said...

I too have a nostalgia for Andy. And then I think, srsly, he was married to Claudine Longet? Who murdered her lover? And then my circuits blow out...