Thursday, October 13, 2011

you, youth,

with your moving picture boxes and your electric books and your cordless phones. and your rabid sense of entitlement. YOUR [sic] RUINING EVERYTHING FOR THE X GENERATION, TOOL BAGS!!!

doing well here. trying to stay ahead of winter. trying to let myself be content. riding the motorcylce a lot when it's not too foggy. and practicing the guitar. again.

are we all going through transitions now? and why does it always seem to coincide with the npr pledge drives that i like so much?!

gonna try posting/writing everyday because, frankly, i need you people. but now, it would seem, for all the right reasons, mostly. WON'T YOU JOIN ME?!?!?!

spelling don't count but grammer do.


tia said...

Motorcycle? Did I miss something? And didn't you get that out of your system when you were, like, 22?

Also, hi. Glad you're posting again.

Keifus said...

Well I'm not joining a damn cult, pal.

Looking to lose my job in December is the big thing with me (currently got me halfway out hte door as a benefits-free consultant); got a funeral this weekend; am busy trying to sort out various people.

Music, writing sounds good.

Cindy said...

Transitions seems like a decent theme for the remainder of October.

Oddly, I'm enjoying the pledge drive too.

Our Governor here in Florida has declared war on "frivolous college degrees" like Anthropology. So, I might have to go back to college and get a degree in Anthropology. Then I think I"ll start an Anthropology Factory.

And make Anthropology mugs, t-shirts and buttons and sell them on the Internet. And hire thousands of English Majors and History Majors and Philosophy Majors to wear them in coffee shops.

Keifus, Gov. Scott wants YOU to move to Florida. And create some jobs out of your hard-science life. He groups Engineers in with the hard sciences.

Yeah. This is my state.

switters said...

love IS more comfortable the second time around. WHEN YOU LOVE LIFE, THAT IS!!!

bright said...

GAH! Now this is stuck in my head.

topazz said...

now THAT's the kind of switters commentary I've been missing. And bright's retorts. I am about to go through a huge transition; I'm leaving my gorgeous comfortable pottery barn decorated place (I even WORKED at PB for the past two Christmas seasons to get it looking like a freaking magazine spread for the upscale nesting life - 40% employee discount!) Anyway, its all going into storage and I'm moving in with my father. I don't know how long it'll be but he's not doing well, and it just feels like the right thing all around. Hospice care during the day and I'll be there at night. Between he and my dearly departed mother, they have 4 electric lazy-boy recliners spread out throughout the house to curl up in, so I'll be okay. Why, just the other day as I was getting his mail in his super sedated 55 and older development, a car drove by at 15 mph, two little grey heads peering at me from barely above the steering wheel. I'm jailbait again!

bright said...


switters said...

44. topes! count me in for 3 nights a week. i'll bring the mountain dew and peanut m&ms.

Schmutzie said...

Oh sure, he starts writing again after the Palin horse has left the barn!

Hi buddy.

Cindy said...

topazz, what an opportunity! Will be keeping you in my prayers.

okay, I'm sorry (not really), but I love Lady GaGa. If I can't have The Beatles then at least I get to live during Lady GaGa.

rundeep said...

Wow. Change is the only constant, eh? Keif. No other way to say it other than it sucks. But broaden your horizons, dude. Time to drive down the BOSNYWASH corridor. We'll welcome you to town.

Topes, sorry to hear that. You are a good daughter. But at the end of the day, it's going to be up to him -- to feel like going on, or letting you get picked up by some 75 year old hottie. Best to you.

Switters. good to see you again. Really. Working 5 days a week long hours and OMG that sucks. I'd forgotten. Mom's done with surgery. chemo and radiation. CTScan next week to see what's what. I just had a biopsy for the same problem she has, so that was a fun moment. Results next week. Hugs to you all.

Cindy said...

rundeep - no keeping this to yourself, okay? Will be thinking of you.

Keifus said...

I am stealing the joke, but it's clear enough that Rick Scott has no interest in anthropology because that particular Stygian-American is pretty obviously non-human. Also, history of civilizations has got to be like kryptonite to these criminal motherfuckers.

Rundeep, I'm starting to expand the serach. I was reminded over the weekend that my cousin also dwells somewhere in the tony Philly 'burbs. Do you happen to know anyone with a smarmy, touchy-feely chiropractor? Good luck to your mom.

And to your dad, Topazz.

rundeep said...

You have engaged in a redundant description of the term "chiropractor." So the answer is "yes." Be well. I will be pleased to share what I know. I honestly believe we have the best living standard, the best variety of suburban and urban living at all price points, on the East Coast. And a fair amount of your kind of stuff.