Friday, January 22, 2010

Emotional Pornography

I'll be interested to see just how bad it gets tonight. Oh, sure, George is completely respectable, and smart. I think he does these sorts of things from the heart; it's not just publicity or, for that matter, politics.

Disclosure: I've been a giant fan of his since his tiny role on Rosanne. ER, etc., whatever. Ocean's 11 may have been one big inside joke; the joke just happened to be very very funny. But so was Syrianna. Funny, not so much.

You all know obviously I'll watch every minute of the telethon, being a sucker for such extravaganzas. I like the music. Still, I can't help but wonder when oceans of hungry, thirsty black people will start to look like little more than the opening of V For Vendetta, and portend as much. Just spitballing.

Obama/Clooney 2012!

P.S. Closing date extension requested Thursday p.m. by Sandra The Realty Lady so the bank/mortgage company has sufficient time to remove thumb from bottom.


Schmutzie said...

Yeah, it's on ABC, CBS, NBC, WGN, WTTW (our PBS), WFLD (local Fox),VH1,MTV,CNN,Comedy Central,BET,TNT,and E according top my Chicago listings. I guess I'll watch the whole thing too. I like George, and I won't be surprised if he pulls this off nicely. (Up in The Air is playing at the local theater, maybe I'll break my fast and go to a movie. When did Sideways come out? It's been that long.)

Just move into the damned place before closing. What are they going to do, run you?

bright said...

How are you not liveblogging this??????

sydbristow said...

Clooney, of course, but I don't get the what.

I just watched Goats last night and while it was worthwhile, I'm more looking forward to having it up there with my Iraq War collection and all those other so frickin serious movies.

p.s. I do the cloud trick all the time, no big deal

-- dave

Keifus said...

Meh, I flipped it on and there, of course, was Sting. I'd put him up on the ticket with Clooney (because it's obvious to me that runs such things), but we'll have to pass the Ah-nuld amendment first (or, as it might now read, the Monsanto(TM) amendment for expanded citizenship definition). Needless to say, I couldn't sit through a minute of his muzak, and wasted my time on the internet instead.

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